How to Decide if Locs are Right for Me?

How to Decide if Locs are Right for Me?

If you’re on the fence about whether or not locs are right for you, then there are a few factors that might help you make the decision whether to instal or hold off on locs. You’ll want to have a look of your lifestyle, personality and preferences when it comes to making this decision. Let’s have a closer look at how to decide whether or not locs are right for you. 

Do Locs Work with Your Personality?

There are a few factors that go into this answer. You want to make sure your personality is right for locs. The right personality means someone who is very chill and relaxed. Those who are extreme perfectionists, who want order might have a hard time when it comes to having locs. Not to say you cant have locs, some perfectionist-types have even been moved into a more relaxed state of mind from their locs. But a really relaxed, flowing personality helps with locs. Your hair won't be perfect, even if others think your hair is perfect, you might not feel that way because you will have something like frizz which might be something that always bothers you - again depending on your personality type. 

Know Your Expectations

You should also know your expectations when it comes to lcos. If you have extreme expectations and want your locs to look a certain way, even with extensions, you might not get that perfect result. You want to set your expectations to a realistic standard. There are some uncomfortable areas during the loc journey and you want to be prepared for that. 

Lifestyle and Locs

Your lifestyle is something to consider when deciding if locs are right for you. Can your lifestyle co-exist with your locs? Some may have a work environment that's over particular about hair styles. Unfortunately some jobs aren't open to locs. 

How About Your Scalp?

When you start your loc journey the hair starts to flake up and get aggravated. You might want to see if that will work with you. It's temporary, but know that this can happen. Scalp issues and hair health can take a toll at some early stages, so be aware of that before getting started if that's something that will bother you. It will pass, but it will be a part of the journey. 

The Pre-Cleanse is a great product for helping remove that flakeage throughout your locs journey, but especially useful during those early stages. 

Consider Your Surroundings 

Consider your environment and the people around you. Are you confident about yourself? People stop their loc journey because of the influence of people around them. Your friends, family, work colleagues all might have an opinion about your locs. Are you confident about yourself? People might ask a lot of questions about your locs and if that will make you uncomfortable or doubt yourself you may want to reconsider whether this is the right time in your life to have locs. There may be some positive or negative feedback on your locs, are you ready for that? 

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