Can You Go Back to Natural Hair After Locs?

Can You Go Back to Natural Hair After Locs?

When considering having locs or to undo locs many wonder if natural hair will be an option. Spoiler, the answer is of course it is. In this article we’ll have a closer look at what’s involved in undoing your locs and what it will look like afterwards. 

Why Do People Undo Locs

You definitely can go back to your natural hair after having locs. Take your time to make the decision to undo your locs. Sometimes people go back to having locs because they miss how chill their locs were. Chimere (founder and owner of Dr Locs) had her locs from 1997 to 2007 and then has been loose and natural ever since. In 2018-9 she had locs again for a few months and then changed her mind and combed them out. This is something you can do. Just don't expect your hair to be the same after you take down your locs. Your hair may have a different length, and will feel different compared to having locs. 

What Products Should I Use on Loose Natural Hair

Since you already have Dr Locs products, you can still use the entire line on your loose and natural hair. The Amla Extract Conditioner, Jinan Moisture Mix, Pre-Cleanse and all the Dr Locs Shampoos can be used on loose hair. It's only the locking spray that you won't benefit from. The Yaya oil is great for both hair and skin.

If you’re going for box braids, our favorite product to use is the Pre-Cleanse, which works really well at keeping the scalp clean and taking out any stench. People who wear wigs love the Pre- Cleanse as well to take out the stretch in the sew-ins. Another favorite product is the Jinan Moisture Mix which works great for protective styles and keeps that scalp noticeably healthier and clean.

And of course, if you don't have the Dr Locs' Line, you can use any of our products on your loose and natural hair to enjoy the benefits of an awesome natural product line for your hair. 


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