Combs and Pins: Picking the Right Tools for Loc'ing your Hair

Combs and Pins: Picking the Right Tools for Loc'ing your Hair

The truth of the matter is, our creator does not recommend using a comb for your locs. 

But, if you absolutely need to use a comb and can’t do without it, here’s a guide on how to pick the right tools for your locs. And while we’re at it, we’re going to explain our issue with using a comb when starting your locs. Let’s get started. 

If you shouldn’t be using a comb, what should you be using?

Well, the answer to this one is simple: your fingers. And if you can’t work with your fingers, then you’re best off finding a loctician who can. 

Here’s why: 

When you're trying to loc your hair during the baby stage and teenage stage, your hair begins to mat together, and this process takes time. It’s sort of like if you’ve kept box braids in for 3 months, you’ll have the pattern from the box braids, and matted sections where the braids were. You have to detangle that matted hair when you take down the braids and wash your hair with a deep cleansing natural shampoo. But, when you’re trying to loc your hair that has been left alone for months, if you choose to use a comb instead of your fingers well then:


We’re clearly not trying to be discreet about how we feel about combs, and for good reason.  If you comb your coils that’ll set you all the way back to square one. Combining the hair means that you're restarting the whole process all over again and never starting your actual locs. Which is the goal here right?

Why you want to use your fingers 

When you use fingers to group and retwist your baby locs, then you're encouraging the loc in process; you're supporting its shape and growth. Recombing will make your hair look neat, but you will lose the process to the neatness. In the early months your hair might look like a fro but there’s actually something going on that you might not be able to see. Your hair is matting and locs are starting to coil really early on.

How to retwist your hair professionally in the early stages of locs

Re-coiling the hair with your fingers is the most professional approach you can take when it comes to the early stages of locs. If your loctician is combing your hair, and making it look neat, that is ironically, unprofessional. We’re not trying to call anyone out over here, we’re just trying to make this process a whole lot easier for you in the long run. 

After you professionally work the hair with your fingers, without using a comb, then you will need to double clip each coil. The idea here is to retwist and double clip each coil because it  will make a huge difference in the future, even if it's more work in the present. 


Your journey will move faster when you use your fingers to retwist and double clip each coil. Just in case we didn’t make ourselves clear here: locking without a comb will make a HUGE difference. Again, combining stunts the growth and the time it will take to get to the next phase. Don’t use the comb if you want to get out of this stage quicker. 

We’re only emphasizing the approach here, so that we leave absolutely no room for confusion. We want this journey to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible for you. Let’s do things the professional way and get intimate with our coils as they transition into locs!

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