From Our Roots To Yours

From Our Roots To Yours

Jinan Leave-In conditioner: The Origin story

Every structure has its foundation. Every empire has its emergence. And, every superhero has its defining moment. For Dr. Locs that lightning in a bottle was the Jinan Leave-In Conditioner. The conditioner has it origins entangled in the roots of the Dr. Locs brand. In fact, the brand and the Leave-In conditioner have on the same superhero cape blowing in the wind, as the conditioner was the first product to be created and the first to have the Dr. Locs logo and trade mark. At the product's birth it looked very different than the polished and refined pillar that it is today. The original mixture's humble beginnings was one of problem solving and trial and error. 

"My clients needed something that could moisturizer their hair, have lasting nourishment and not dry out and leave tons of residue and build up" -Chimere Faulk owner Dr. Locs 

As a natural hair stylist, there was an even mixture of clientele with both locs and loose natural hair, and the goal was to find something that she could use for both, with a focus on locs. No brands were on the shelves specifically for locs/dreads that fit exactly what she was looking for in a product, so she did the next thing that anybody would do. She did her own research and thought, what would mix, and moisturizer, and smell good and help hair and scalp... and she put it in a bottle. Her clients loved it, but it was a rough draft at best. After a trail period of 6 months, a test phase of another year, a consultation from a master chemist, and another year to perfect the bonding process and recipe. The first bottle of the Jinan Leave-In conditioner was made available for sell to her natural hair clients.


It was spirit ,that pushed through to fill a gap where no product was available. It was family and friends, that recognized the potential. It was clients, that were the inspiration as reflected in the slogan on every bottle. So, even though Chimere settled on a... drastically shorter list of ingredients than what initially went into that original shake-n-spray bottle. Along with the list that you now see, the ingredients that you don't see are energy, joy, love and feedback. It took all of them to make Dr. Locs and they all go into every bottle of Jinan Leave-in Conditioner.

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