Chit Chat with Chimere, Dr.locs creator

Chit Chat with Chimere, Dr.locs creator

Last week over hot tea and some soulful jamz I got to sit down & have a talk with Chimere, Dr.locs creator.  It was a few days leading up to the Taliah Waajid Natural Hair Show in Atlanta Georgia so of course the room was filled with excitement, anticipation and questions for this brilliant woman of not one but two successful businesses. Check it out!

Why did you decide to do the show? 
After several years of starting, stopping, refining and even giving up a little, I gain total confidence in my products and my brand January 2015.  I was ready to show the world what I had. Fear wasn’t an option anymore and playing it safe was out of the question. Therefore December 2015 is when I made the decision to be a vendor at the Natural Hair Show. 

How did you prepare for the show? 
At the time I didn't have any employees so I pretty much had to do everything with the help of my family & close friends.  First, I decided how much of everything I wanted to make and have for the show. I did the calculations of ounces to a number of ingredients I needed, I was able to figure out how much money I needed. I next created a go fund me campaign to raise the money.   Once I the money raised, I knew then it was show time! I started making products, labeling, bottling and packaging everything. I also started working on the visual design of how I wanted the booth to be, I had a photoshoot with a couple of models for the marketing material such as flyers and banners. The two weeks before the show was the busiest time of my life.  It was sort of like those final days before birthing your child.

You said you created a go fund me account? How comfortable were you asking for help? 
I wasn’t comfortable!!!! But I knew I wanted to be great and in order for me to be great, I had to overcome fear. Fear simply means false evidence appearing real.  I couldn't focus on the negative chatter in my head which we all go through but we have to be determined enough to keep pushing, moving and growing.

How would you describe your experience there?
Liberating! It was like seeing your newborn baby's face for the first time! There was a lot of talking which was fun. A lot of good vibes. It was so cool finally meeting people who I’ve talked to online.  Social media allows us to create a platform but there's nothing like meeting people in person. I loved it! That was my breakthrough into the hair industry as a respectable brand.

Is there any advice you’d like to share with other entrepreneurs whose attending their first show?
Whatever you think and or speak about your business is exactly what others will believe. Just because this is your first show keep in mind everyone else is a tab bit overwhelmed too. The greatest piece of advice I've heard myself as an entrepreneur is “There are no giant mountains, only several hills” so relax and just keep going.

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