Can I use Dr Locs on Loose Natural Hair?

Can I use Dr Locs on Loose Natural Hair?

"Are Dr Locs products only for loc’d guys and gals? Or can I also use Dr Locs on my loose natural hair?"

This is a question we pretty much get all the time. We get it so often, we’ve finally decided to dedicate a blog post to it! So, if you have loose natural hair and are wondering if you can use Dr Locs all natural products in your hair care routine, then this one’s for you!

Our experience with Dr Locs products on Loose Natural Hair

To be honest, the line was initially designed for locs. But as the line grew, we started using the leave-in conditioner on loose natural hair, and were fairly impressed with the results. Then we used the pre cleanse to bring out build up, especially on those with curly and coily hair. And, finally we used the Yaya oil on both box braids and loose hair, and our clients were ecstatic with the results. The only product we haven’t tried ourselves on loose natural hair is the locking spray. All the other products we used on our loose haired clients loved the line for their hair. 

How could loose natural hair benefit from Dr Locs product line?

Moisture has always been a focus of ours. As Dr Locs grew, and we spoke to our chemists, we found nourishing solutions for both locs and loose natural hair. We’ve had good experiences with the shampoo, but you need to try it for yourself to see if it works with your hair. It's absolutely safe for natural hair, because it’s made with love and with natural ingredients, but you’ll need to try it and see if you like the results or not. 

Final thoughts on Dr Locs line on Loose Natural Hair

We have tons of clients who use our products on their loose natural hair and love it. The main products people use are the leave-in conditioner and the Yaya oil. Have you used any of our products on your loose and natural hair? We’d love to hear about your experience! 

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