Everything You Need to Know for Your Wash Day Routine

Everything You Need to Know for Your Wash Day Routine

When it comes to maintaining your locs, you want to have a clear wash day routine set up for yourself. This way you won’t feel overwhelmed or rushed. In this article we’ll cover all the tools you need for your wash day and how to set up your self care session for the best wash treatment at home. 

Supplies Needed

You are as good as your tools. The more tools you have, the more assistance you have with the process. 

Here’s what you’ll need:

Pro Tip: Watch something while you're doing your hair because it will take some time. Get comfortable and don't get stressed. 

Start Here:

Soak your hair really well and then start with the Pre-Cleanse, working it throughout your hair and scalp. Then move onto the Yasin Shampoo, after squeezing the locs and letting the Pre-Cleanse work its magic. After 3-4 rounds of shampoo, add the Amla Conditioner throughout your locs and steam the hair. Rinse that out with cool water. Use your medium size towel. Then use the Jinan Moisture Mix throughout the hair and scalp. Then swap to your big towel once the medium is drenched. The big towel will help you catch all the water. 

Get ready to groom:

Use the Jinan Moisture Mix and keep drying your hair with the big towel. Use the small towel to start twisting. Take a pony tail holder and put the hair on the top of your head. Then simply take locs out row by row, or one by one and do the re-twisting. Spray the Locking Spray and re-twist. Use a clip after each twist and keep taking locs down out of the pony. 

Tip: don't re-twist until the locs spiral into a coil. Twist and move your finger away from your scalp as you twist, allowing the loc to lay flat. You don't want the loc to round up around the root; it's too much pressure. 

Drying time:

Sit under the dryer for 40 minutes. Take the clips out and put your hair in two pigtails. If you have long hair take your ends up to the dryer so your ends dry - which also helps to get the back of your head dry, so your hair lasts longer. Sit under for another 20 minutes for the back and ends to dry. Squeeze locs and if they're not dry, sit under the dryer again. 

Then you’re ready for the Yaya Oil after taking out the pony tale. Spray the scalp and up and down the hair and then you're done.

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