You might think that getting dreadlocks alone is accessorizing on its own, but that really doesn’t mean you have to stop there. There are so many things you can put on your hair for a more fashionable look - the number one key is to be creative. You can put literally anything on your locs, even day-to-day things that you find around your house that you usually think are useless.


Wooden beads or just beads that have larger holes are perfect for decorating dreadlocks. You just have to find the perfect fit and slide them on, or, like others do, use a little bit of glue to have them stick to your dreads if the hole is too big. You can also get beads that are specially designed to slip on the dreads.

Ribbons or strips of fabric

You can wrap ribbons and colorful strips of fabric around your head, or wrap them around random individual locks. How and where you wrap them are completely your choice, and you can show your creative side through your dread accessories.

Pendants and charms

Don’t stop with the beads! Pendants or charms from old necklaces that you don’t wear anymore can be reused to something as beautiful. Just get a wire or a string--something to attach your pendant or charm onto your dreads, and put maybe one by the end of an individual lock. You can use two or three all over for a subtle yet stylish touch.


Live by the beach? Off to a summer vacation? Decorating your dreadlocks with seashells would be perfect for the occasion. You can buy them for a cheap price, or even better, pick some up while you are at the beach so you can have your decoration for free. Just put a little wire or string through the seashells and attach them to your locks, or however you choose to put them on.

Peyote stitches

If you don’t have time for little DIYs, you can also purchase ready-made dreadlock accessories online for an affordable price. Peyote stitches are little sleeves that are usually just half an inch long and made to fit around a single lock perfectly. They are entirely made up of different colored beads that are positioned strategically to form a design.


Dreadbands are exactly what they sound like. They are headbands made to wrap around your head to keep your dreadlocks out of the way if you need it to, or if you just want to accessorize.


There are crocheted hats for holding dreadlocks in place. These are perfect for formal settings like work or a fancy dinner party with friends or family, as these are stylish and keep dreadlocks hidden if you want to.


Who says you can no longer wear your barrettes now that you are sporting dreadlocks?

Now that you have ideas, you can unleash your creative side and just do whatever you want to accessorize your beautiful locs!