5 Loc Accessories You Can Use to Adorn Your Locs

5 Loc Accessories You Can Use to Adorn Your Locs

All the different styles and accessories we can adorn our locs with definitely contribute to the perks of having locs. 

There are tons of ways to get creative with your locs. Accessories are for those special occasions when you really want to take your locs to the next level. We’re big fans of all different kinds of hairstyles, but the things we’ve seen when accessories are done safely and creatively are just really next level amazing! 

In this article we’ll take a look at some of our favorite styles and accessories for adorning those beautiful locs.

Loc Cuffs and Coils

Silver or gold loc cuffs and coils and definitely on our list of top favorite loc accessories. Why? Because they’re so darn cute! It’s a style that can be worn by just about anyone, in any fashion. Cuffs and coils allow you to adorn your locs in a soft and sophisticated way, or you can go all out depending on how many cuffs and coils you decide to add to your locs. They are really easy to install (and uninstall) and shouldn’t damage your locs. 

Just remember, if your cuffs and coils aren’t made from stainless steel, they can rust after being exposed to water, so do take them out when it’s time for a wash. 

Wire or Thread Wrap

Wrapping your loc with a wire or thread of choice (silk or cotton) looks awesome and is really easy to install in the style of choice. If you do decide to go with a wire loc wrap, please be careful when installing since the wire can tug at your locs - and who wants to deal with damage when we’re trying to pamper our locs, am I right? 

Beads and Shells

Loc beads and shells will never not be cute. There are so many bead accessories one can choose from that it really just feels like the sky's the limit! This look is really for those who are more attracted to the bohemian look, or just want to try out a new look to bring in some summer vibes. Beads and shells will be a little bit more challenging to safely attach to your locs, and requires both creativity and patience when installing. If you think you’re ready for it, then we say go for it!

Head Scarf

As with all the other options mentioned above, head scarves can really take your locs in plenty of different directions. You have so many varieties to choose from, from the width and length to the colors and patterns. Then there’s the tying and knot style you choose to go with that will also contribute to your final look. We really never get bored of head scarves and all the amazing styles we’ve seen out there!

Tams, hats and tube hats

Tams, hats and tube hats are a classic style for all seasons. Though the style itself is safe, we do recommend covering your locs with a satin or silk fabric to ensure you don’t get any lint in your locs. Cotton material can also dry out your locs, which is another reason to protect your locs from coming in direct contact with your hat. The colors, shapes, patterns and sizes of your hat is up to your desired taste. Go with what you feel and with what you love. Because when you feel good, you look awesome!

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