3 Reasons Your Locs Unravel When You Retwist at Home

3 Reasons Your Locs Unravel When You Retwist at Home

Ever wondered why your locs unravel when you retwist your locs at home and they almost never unravel after going to the salon? Read on!

Though you may love to go to the salon for your maintenance routine, for many of us, it’s just simply not an option. Especially not after 2021 hit. More and more of us are learning, or trying to learn, how to maintain our locs at home. One of the most common questions we’ve been receiving is: why are my locs unraveling when I retwist at home? If this is you, know you are not alone! If your locs are unraveling after retwisting at home, here are the most common causes for locs unraveling.

#1 Are your locs dry?

After you go through your whole loc maintenance routine and it’s time to dry your locs, do you really totally and completely wait until your locs are dry? 

It's totally different when you're in the hair salon compared to when you're at home without the guidance of a professional looking at and feeling your locs. 

You have to determine when your hair is dry. 

Your hair will unravel if your locs don't fully dry after you maintain and retwist your locs at home. If your locs are unraveling and you know you have trouble waiting for your locs to dry, then this might be the reason why your locs are unraveling. 

#2 Watch out when you're in the shower. 

A shower cap is not enough when you’re in the shower surrounded by all that steam. You need a shower cap with something on the inside. Something that will protect your locs and wont trap the heat and therefore the moisture in your hair. Plastic shower caps create some condensation within the hair cap and will unknowingly add moisture that you may not want to add to your locs, causing your locs to unravel at some point down the line. 

#3 How you cover your hair at night makes all the difference!

Make sure you cover your hair at night with a satin bonnet or that you use a satin pillowcase. Nearly anything can happen while you sleep. You don’t want to allow your locs to be vulnerable to all that twisting and turning, especially not if you’re using a cotton pillow case. 

If your locs are unraveling, it’s time to get yourself the right bonnet that protects your locs while you sleep. 

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