Are Locs a Lifetime Commitment?

Are Locs a Lifetime Commitment?

Trying to decide if locs are the right hairstyle for you?

One of the many questions people ask when considering locs are: are locs a lifetime commitment? And in all likelihood, you’ll get a different answer depending on who you ask. 

Why do some people say locs are a lifetime commitment?

There are many people who believe that locs are a lifetime commitment. Locs for some aren’t just a hairstyle, but a lifestyle, and in many cases a spiritual decision. Some people who decide to commit to locs see it as a lifetime commitment and it’s a style they know they want forever. But, that is just one approach, and it’s a deeply personal one. 

What’s Dr Locs’ take on it?

Some will say locs are a lifetime commitment, but there’s no reason to feel that it is. It's a perspective. Some will want locs forever until their last days and others won’t feel they want to keep their locs forever. 

Some people look at locs just as a hairstyle that they’d like to try, and that’s more than okay. We’re all allowed to do as we feel, especially when it comes to our own hair! Regarding locs being a permanent hairstyle or not, we feel that people change, things happen, and it's not fair for everyone to feel that they have to keep their locs as a lifetime commitment just because someone else thinks they should. We feel it's a personal decision and personal commitment. 

Life is full of surprises. And our locs act like a personal timeline. Sometimes there are traumatic experiences whose remnants we find in our locs, and emotionally we need to remove our locs. Or maybe you only want locs because you loved the hairstyle and then you decided months or years later that you’re ready for something else. Though we understand the deeply spiritual meaning people relate to their locs, in the end, we feel it’s your hair, and therefore, we feel, it’s your decision how you choose to style your hair. Need we say more?

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