Catching Up with Owner and Founder of Dr Locs, Chimere Faulk

Catching Up with Owner and Founder of Dr Locs, Chimere Faulk

Dr Locs is still here and officially made it to 11 years this June. Dr Locs birthday was on the 22nd of June and Chimere’s was on the 23rd. The earliest sale documented on Etsy was the 22nd, and so Dr Locs was officially on the market.

The Latest News

Chimere, owner of Dr Locs, has completed the Goldman Sachs 4 month program for business owners. Chimere has learned so much from the program, including a deeper understanding of the different aspects of running a business. Dr Locs has always been grateful for all the customers and their patience along the way. 

With this program Chimere has learned to go up, up, up and implement the things learned. This is a CEO who never took a business class in her life. But now she’s sharpening up her skills and taking the business to the next level.

What’s Been Going on Lately

We've been going through a transition, keeping up with the economy and all the changes that have been going on around us. In truth, there's been a lot of hardships and challenges but what brings us joy is hearing about how Dr Locs products have changed our customers' lives and how excited they are about using our products. They’ve told us how they feel seen, and how they have a product that's finally made for them, and understands their hair, and we love that. 

Business owners understand how the last 3-4 years have been hard on small businesses. But we're still standing and not going anywhere. We are always ready to make new products and looking forward to having faster shipping times and tidying up our fulfillments and internal processes. 

Going Back to Her Village

When Chimere started Dr Locs she started with her village, having friends and family helping out in any way they could. People loved the product, mom, dad and friends all came to help until Chimere hired new people she didn't know. Now she's reaching back to her village, going back to how things were from the start to rebuild Dr Locs into something more stable. No one has been through a pandemic before. It has taught Chimere a lot about herself and the business and she’s been more gracious with herself since then. Chimere is forever grateful for her customers because she knows Dr Locs wouldn't be here without them. 

Looking Ahead with Dr Locs

Dr locs is also working on an online course, which will include topics like how to maintain locs. It’s designed for the public and professionals who want to learn more and service people with locs. 

We are also looking to get some focus groups together in the near future. We’ll be looking for volunteers to understand how we can do better, on what's working and what’s not working. And, we’ll be referring to our focus groups with new products going forward. 

Working with Dr Locs and Helping us Thrive

If you want to help us, please mention us in your local retail stores and beauty supplies stores. They will listen to you. We have an easy way for you to get connected to us. You can become a retailer for Dr Locs without having to deal with shipping. You can get the product immediately. 

That’s all from us, on this end. Thanks for being a part of the Dr Locs community and for all of your support. Without you, our community, we wouldn’t have made it this far.

And, if you haven’t already, join our newsletter to stay up to date with all the latest news, courses and opportunities. We hope to be sharing some good exciting with you in the coming months.

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