All The Ways You Can Use Dr Locs Yaya Oil - Locs and Beyond

All The Ways You Can Use Dr Locs Yaya Oil - Locs and Beyond

Dr Locs Yaya Oil was created for keeping that moisture locked into your locs and giving you that neat clean finish after your wash day routine. It’s an oil that blends r our favorite oils together for locs - oils that will absorb easily into your locs without leaving behind a greasy look or feel. We discovered later on, from our clients, that they also looooove using it on their skin. In this article we’ll have a look at all the ways you can use Dr Locs' all natural Yaya Oil on your locs and beyond. 

Yaya Oil For Your Skin

One of our favorite ways to use the Yaya Oil is on the body. People love to use it on their feet as a skin oil. It helps heal those cracky areas on the bottom of your feet without making your feet feel greasy and wet. We also use it on those areas that get dry like kneecaps and elbows. People have said their skin feels really soft afterwards. The combination of the oils doesn't leave the skin or hair oily. That's the biggest wow thing about the Yaya Oil. People love the feel, your skin will feel so soft without it being so heavy and oily. 

It can also be used as a massage oil by a massage therapist. You can also use it to massage yourself, or get a massage by your partner. 

Rejuvenating Scalp and Hair Growth Oil

The Yaya Oil can be used directly on your scalp if you feel you need a little extra TLC in that area. It's great for the scalp and can be used as a hair growth oil. We have had people notice a difference in their hair growth when using it on their scalp. Note, we don't recommend using the oil on your scalp everyday.

Loc Love

The Yaya Oil adds shine to your locs. Put it in the palm of your hands and rub your palms together to heat up the oil. Then rub it up and down your locs after the dryer to have that finished look. 

Lip Balm

You can also use the Yaya Oil on your lips. Tap some on your lips when experiencing dry lips. A little goes a long way. 

Baby Oil

People have used the Yaya Oil on their babies to soften their skin after a bath and to heal cradle cap. It's very gentle and none of the ingredients are harmful for pregnant women or babies. 

Beard Oil

Men love the smell of the Yaya Oil and they absolutely love using it on their beards. It's light and fresh and helps keep the beard hair soft. It also helps stimulate hair growth, if that’s something they're looking for.

What are your favorite ways to use Dr Locs' Yaya Oil?

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