Maasai Tribe Championing Locs

Maasai Tribe Championing Locs

The Maasai (also known as Masai) tribe is one of the oldest African tribes known for their warrior locs. The Maasai tribe is an especially unique tribe found in Kenya not only due to its special cultural traditions but, because of their perseverance and commitment to preserving their culture despite all Western attempts to educate and influence their traditions and culture according to Western beliefs. They stood strong and held on tightly to their beliefs. This could explain why their tradition continues to flourish in Kenya until this very day.

At a certain age one reaches the Moran stage and begins to grow their locs. When a Maasai begins to grow his locs he begins to embody the symbol of a warrior. They also begin to dye their locs red with natural root extracts. Now there's a clever idea for natural hair dyes!

The Mau Mau of Kenya are famous for their revolts against imperialism. They aren't considered to be a tribe but more like a military collective against British rule. They used their locs as a form of intimidation against the Europeans. The warriors would hide in the mountains and jungles to surprise and conquer the Europeans who were invading their country. The tale goes that the British feared these warriors and the site of their locs would bring ‘dread’ into their hearts. Some believe this is where the term ‘dreadlocks’ is derived.

Photos of the Mau Mau rebellion reached Jamaica in the 1950s which had a great impact on the Rastafarian movement. The Rastafari movement utilized this symbol of strength and wore their locs with dignified pride. Now there's a good use of cultural exchange.

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