Caring for Your Scalp with Locs: Tips for Healthy Hair

Caring for Your Scalp with Locs: Tips for Healthy Hair

Maintaining a healthy scalp all year around for many of us is no easy game. There are so many things that affect our scalp from the water running through our tap, the weather and your lifestyle. In this article we’ll have a look at how to care for your scalp with locs. 

Drinking sufficient amount of water for your body weight

We're holistic lovers here at Dr Locs, so we look at what’s going on from the inside out first. Drinking the right amount of water is the first step you want to take to improve and maintain a healthy scalp. To know what’s right for you is drinking about half your body weight in ounces. We recommend that you sip that water instead of guzzling it all down in one shot. You’ll want to drink sufficient water daily, as best as you can, sipping it from morning to before going to bed. 

Be mindful of what you're eating

Again, we’re into paying attention to the body in a holistic way. This is why we recommend being mindful of what you eat. Eating nourishing and hydrating foods throughout the day will nourish your scalp and hair - but first those nutrients need to go to your vital organs. So, if there’s not enough nutrients in your diet, your hair and skin will be the first to lose. 

We also recommend eating by your blood type - every detail matters from the vegetables you eat to the meats you eat or shy away from. Always opt for eating grilled ingredients instead of fried. Just make better choices and you’ll begin to notice a difference. All these things come out in your hair, skin and nails over time. Be patient. It could take a month or more to see the results.

Stress Will Impact your Scalp

Next you’ll want to have a look at your stress levels. Your scalp can be problematic because you're dealing with more stress than you can handle. Look into your mindset, it affects you scalp. No wonder, they’re so closely related! What’s going on in your head and mind will affect your hair and scalp. 

Have a Closer Look at Your Lifestyle

Your lifestyle affects your hair, skin and nails.  And know that products aren’t a bandaid to make it all go away. You want to fix the deeper things first and then go to your products to help improve and enhance your healthy body. Dr Locs products coincide with your lifestyle. If you’re out of balance with your inner flow, your products won’t make all the external problems go away. 

Steam treatments

Steam treatments are great for adding moisture to your scalp. They help exercise that flow of moisture in and out of your follicles. It's like steaming vegetables to eat vs boiling vegetables. When you steam vegetables all the vitamins and juicy yummy things we need stays inside the vegetable instead of evaporating. Steaming your locs and scalp can help bring moisture and nutrients to the surface where you need them.  

The Amla Extract Conditioner is a great product to use when steam treating your locs, both for your scalp and locs. Steam for 20 minutes then rinse out with cool water to seal everything in. Heat and steam open your follicles and the cold seals it in. 

Clarifying Your Hair and Scalp

You don't need to clarify your hair every time you wash your hair. If you wash your hair twice a month you can clarify once a month. Go every other time. Clarifying helps you maintain moisture better but don't overdo it. The Pre-Cleanse gets the gunk out of the middle of your loc, and you’ll see that come up. The Clarifying Shampoo won't show you what's going on but you’ll feel it later on. 

If your hair is really dry, use the Clarifying Shampoo, then the Yasin Shampoo, follow up with the Amla Extract Conditioner and then go for a steam treatment. Let the conditioner sit for 15 minutes with or without a steamer and rinse it out really well with cold water. All that comes after the internal work. 

If you have any questions about how to use our natural build-up-free products in your hair, do reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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