Should I Braid or Add Faux locs to My Baby Locs?

Should I Braid or Add Faux locs to My Baby Locs?

Sometimes when we’re kicking off our baby locs stage, things don’t turn out exactly as we had expected. The baby stage in locs is a beautiful stage, but isn’t always easy for everyone, especially if you’re used to having long hair. If you’re just not feeling your best self with baby locs and are looking into alternatives to help you get through this stage, then you’re probably looking into faux locs or other alternatives. In this article we’ll look into the pros and cons of faux locs or box braids so you can decide what’s right for you. 

What You Should Know Before Getting Faux Locs or Box Braids

A lot of people consider this style because it can make you feel like you have longer hair if that transition is harder for you. It will also help you leave your hair alone. You can braid your locs or add faux locs to your baby locs, but don't have the style in for too long. A lot happens in three months, so dont have it for longer than that time frame. Your hair will want to loc with the extensions. 

Be Aware of Breakage in Your Hair

Furthermore, faux locs and box braids, kept in for too long can cause breakage. In our books, two months is ideal, but 3 months is really the maximum, otherwise you may experience breakage.Breakage from faux locs happens slowly over time and might not be noticed right away, only when it becomes a problem. 

Curls and Bumps

Another thing to consider before you head over to your loctician is if you want your locs without curls or bumps then you shouldn't do this. Faux locs or box braids will be installed when your hair is learning to coil, so when you take them down you might have a little curl. You can straighten it out, but having the style in for some time, or repeatedly can teach your hair to curl. Know that this may happen. 

Less Control Over Loc’ing Direction

This style can also cause your hair to loc in directions you may not want it to loc. If the hair is gathered too much in one section, or done too tight it can cause breakage. Hopefully you will catch that before it becomes a problem. You can give your hair a one month break and then do it again, give your hair a few weeks in between to avoid breakage. 

How to Maintain Faux Locs to Keep Your Hair Healthy

The Jinan Moisture Mix and the Pre-Cleanse should be used to maintain your hair as it grows. The Jinan Moisture Mix will give you the moisture your hair needs without causing any build up. It can be used as a box braid spray, keeping the scalp and hair healthy and strong while you have that style in. The Pre-Cleanse will help neutralize the smell if you're not washing your hair very often. Leave it in for a few minutes and then rinse. 

The Yaya Oil can be used with the Jinan Moisture Mix twice a week around the scalp and at night. Night time is a great time to encourage hair growth and keep the scalp and hair soft while adding a bit of a shine. 

If you have any other questions about your locs, reach out to us. We’d love to hear from you!

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