Caring for Your Locs by the Pool this Summer

Caring for Your Locs by the Pool this Summer

Summer is here and there’s no denying it. With summer means time you can spend by the pool or at the beach. If you’re new to locs, or wanting to be more careful with your locs this summer, here’s your guide to taking care of your locs by the poolside this summer. 

Our #1 Recommendation for Poolside Locs

If your hair is damp after your day lounging by or in the pool, you want to dry it with a dryer. You might want to air dry, but you really want your hair to dry completely. You can dry your locs in the sun, but you have to be 100% sure your locs are dry all the way through to the middle. Some people's hair holds on to water for a long time. Others dry up really quick. So you need to know your hair. If your hair smells then you want to dry your hair with a hair dryer. Air drying improperly continuously will lead to a stench. If you do it every now and then you should be fine.  

Hair Color and Chlorine

Swimming in a pool can affect your hair color. Follow your hair-colorist’s professional advice. Our Color Protecting Shampoo and Conditioner work great at keeping the color in your hair and strengthening that color. The Rose Lavender Shampoo and Amla Conditioner is a great way to help boost your color if the color fades from the pool (or from any other activity that may cause your color to fade). 

Dry Hair After a Swim

Moisture will be needed after the pool because you may feel your hair is dry. Go for the Jinan Moisture Mix and a steaming routine to keep moisture in your hair. Go to your loc hair professional and add on a steam treatment to really retain moisture. The pool does affect your moisture level. 

Up-Dos on Holidays by the Pool

You might want to wear an up-do on your vacation holiday. We don't love that because we need to make sure your hair is completely dry. This style can keep some areas of your hair moist and damp. Be mindful. Make sure your hair is totally dry when going in and out of the pool. A good ol’ bun will work. 

You can get in the water and enjoy the water. 

You couldn’t get in the water with your straight hair, so get in and enjoy! Just make sure you dry your locs. 

Consider Interlocking your Locs

You can get your locs interlocked before a pool holiday so you can get in the water without feeling like you need to worry about your hair coming undone. Get someone who absolutely knows what they're doing. Interlocking can be done improperly.

Dr Locs will have a loc course coming up this fall to teach professionals how to interlock properly. Interlocking will keep your roots intact when you get your hair wet. 

Coils and Baby locs by the Pool

We love coils when you're getting your hair twisted. We don't mind the little frizz that comes with coils, but everyone has their preference. The Pre-Cleanse and Yasin Shampoo are great to use after the pool. For loc babies you do want to be careful. If you just got your hair retwisted, we do recommend a swim cap. If you get your hair wet it will go back to the afro state. If you don't mind you can get your hair wet and go get your hair retwisted after your vacation.

Be careful because you might not know what to do if you get your hair wet and it comes undone. If your hair matures your hair will look loc’d after it's wet. You can use a swim cap for long locs as well if you don’t want to get your hair wet. 

Our Last Tip for Swimming with Locs

Moisture. Moisture. Moisture. Oil does not give your hair moisture, it only seals in the moisture. Think of water when you think of moisture. Drink your water before, by and after the pool. And as you dry off, make sure you're drinking a lot more of that water.

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