Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse VS Dr Locs’ Pre-Cleanse

Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse VS Dr Locs’ Pre-Cleanse

There are several ways and reasons to use Apple Cider Vinegar on your hair, skin and locs. It’s certainly an ingredient that’s been trending for the last few years in the natural hair community. That being said, it’s not necessarily the safest ingredient to use on your hair and scalp, and when used incorrectly can create more issues than what you may have started with. For this reason (among many others) we prefer to use the Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse to clear up and restore the scalp and hair.

In this article we’ll get into how the two compare and then you can decide what sounds right for you.

A Safer Deep Clean

Apple Cider Vinegar should never be used directly on the scalp or hair on its own. It should always be diluted with the correct measurements. The Dr Locs' Pre-Cleanse is not however dangerous to use straight on the hair or scalp. It’s an astringent that will give you that deep clean. We include ACV in the Pre-Cleanse to give you that reboot your scalp might desire, but it also has other ingredients like Jojoba Oil to balance things out. There's no alcohol in the Pre-Cleanse, instead we opted for witch hazel and several other nourishing and cleansing ingredients for your locs and scalp. 

Who Should and Shouldn’t Use an ACV Rinse

Dr Locs’ Pre-Cleanse was created to give a balance between cleaning without being harsh. If you don't use products that give you buildup you don't need to do an ACV rinse. If you're doing the right thing daily, you don't need the ACV rinse. We don't even recommend using straight ACV on skin or hair. It should always be diluted. 

When and How to Use the Pre-Cleanse

The Pre-Cleanse was very intentional the way it was created. It’s a light but effective formula. We noticed washing locs for years what would happen as we’d shampoo locs, which revealed there was something in the locs. Dawn soap cuts through the grease, but we just don't love dish soap on hair. This is why the Pre-Cleanse was made. It should be used before shampooing. Spray the Pre-Cleanse up and down the locs and roots, if you have buildup it will come up to the surface. It will look worse before it looks better. 

The Yasin Shampoo will get rid of everything that the Pre-Cleanse so miraculously brought up to the surface. There are things in the middle of your locs that you can't see. You especially won’t see these things when your locs are dry. However, after using the Pre-Cleanse and then the shampoo you will see what may have been hiding inside your locs for months or years. 

Other Ways You Can use the Pre-Cleanse

People are using the Pre-Cleanse to cleanse the scalp. Athletes love using the Pre-Cleanse after a sweaty activity. They don't want to go for a whole full wash, so instead, they'll bring the Pre-Cleanse to the gym (or wherever they’re going to work up a sweat), and spray their locs after their workout. The Pre-Cleanse will take the stench out of the hair and scalp. It's a favorite for anyone who works out. 

So, if you’re new to buildup-free products, we’d definitely recommend starting with the Pre-Cleanse and working your way through the entire Dr Locs’ line. Go for the trial kit so you can see for yourself how amazing your hair will look and smell.

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