3 Ways Our Customers Use Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse

3 Ways Our Customers Use Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse

Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse was designed to remove trapped oil, dirt, and product buildup from the scalp and new growth area before shampooing. But, unbeknownst to us, our clients have been using our Pre-Cleanse in many other ways, and totally loving the results!

Like most great art, the artist designs a piece with a certain intention, but as soon as it reaches its audience it transforms. It transforms according to the perception of the audience, how they see themselves in that artwork and the value they find in it. And truth be told, we’re proud to say that Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse is seriously like a great work of art! Though the Pre-Cleanse was specifically designed to be used before using our Yasin Shampoo, our clients have been incredibly satisfied with the new ways they have used the Pre-Cleanse, and we thought it was time to share that insight with the rest of you!

1. Post Work-Out Cleanse

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of working out to your favorite music, staying fit and treating yourself to tons of those happy dopamine hormones! We’re not about to get into all the benefits of working out for your skin and locs (we’ll save that for another article!) But what happens post workout, after breaking that feel-good sweat? Well, you most likely have sweat around the forehead and scalp. Many of our clients have turned to the Pre-Cleanse for a post workout clean up. If this sounds like something you want to do too, go for it! We just recommend wiping down the scalp between the locs with a clean cloth to remove the sweat and dirt off the scalp, for a fresh day or evening ready for your good vibes!

2. Remove Buildup from the Locs

If you’re using Dr Locs entire product line, then you will not have product buildup in your locs. And if you’ve been keeping up with our articles and using our products, then you already know how true that is! However, the unfortunate fact is, many products on the shelves out there will cause buildup in the locs. And let’s just say we’re not a fan! Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse will remove product buildup from inside the locs. It will take a lot of rounds of spraying and squeezing down the locs to remove that buildup, but fear not! The buildup should clear up (after spritzing and rinsing for what could be hours, but it’s worth it!!)

3. To extend time between washes

Many of our clients use Dr Locs Pre-cleanse to extend the time between washes. Especially those who are just starting out with locs and are rocking that early baby phase (which is one of our favorite phases! Are we allowed to pick favorites? Absolutely!) People have turned to the Pre-Cleanse to avoid shampooing and risking their locs from unraveling. While this is a viable option, we do recommend when it’s time for a shampoo, that you make sure to shampoo your locs from the scalp all the way down the locs. Because yes, the inside of your locs need some love and attention too (and also gather some dirt and debris!)

What’s your favorite way to use Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse? We’d love to hear the tricks and tips you’ve picked up along your journey! 

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