Using Dr Locs on Sisterlocs: The Facts

Using Dr Locs on Sisterlocs: The Facts

If you have sisterlocs you might be wondering: Can I use Dr  Locs’ buildup free product line on my locs?

The great news is that Dr Locs’ entire product line is safe to use all types of locs, and that very much includes Sisterlocs. We just happen to know a few locticians, who are also certified sister locticians, who approve and even recommend Dr Locs products for use on Sisterlocs. If you already have sisterlocs, or are considering going to the salon to style your hair with sisterlocs, here are some of the facts from our side of town. 

What are Sisterlocs Exactly?

Sisterlocing is a type of interlocing of the hair. It’s a particular method with a certain size and grid system. It's a look many people want when they decide to go for the loc look and lifestyle. The advantages of sisterlocs is that you nearly get the same feel as you did when your hair was loose. Well, sort of. Sisterlocs are easy to curl and can be styled in many different desirable ways. 

PS Brotherlocs is the male version of sisterlocs!

How soon can I start using Dr. Locs’ products on my locs?

The founders of sisterlocs say to wait between 4-6 weeks before using any products on your sisterlocs. It’s not that your locs will come undone if you use products on your sisterlocs before those 4-6 weeks are up, but your hair has not finished locing just yet. And you certainly don't want to disturb that beautiful locing process in its early, vulnerable phase. 

The thing is, the essential oils in the products you’re just about ready to use on your locs, typically disturb the locing process during your first few weeks with sisterlocs. After the 4-6 week mark is up, you’re absolutely free to use the buildup free products you’ve been eager to use! 

Do Dr Locs’ Clients have sisterlocs too?

Absolutely! Many of our customers have sisterlocs and have been using Dr  Locs’ product line on their sisterlocs. Why? Well, because Dr Locs entire line is buildup free, and has been designed to work its natural magic on all types of locs. Actually, sisterlocs and interlocing were a part of the early phases of Dr  Locs product line and have been there all along the way! From when Dr Locs creator, Chimere went traveling around the States to different clients with her magic potion, all the way to where we’ve come today! It sure has been a long journey with tons of exciting twists and turns! 

How often should I wash my sisterlocs?

The answer to this question is slightly tricky because you’re not sitting in front of us where we can have a look at your hair texture and tendencies. Only you know what your hair and scalp like and what your hair and scalp don’t like. As a rule of thumb, go as long as you can between washes. In the beginning 6-8 weeks is a pretty safe estimate. But if you’re not confident about whether it’s time to wash or not, ask your loctician, they know best! 

Before we go, we just want to reinforce that Dr  Locs shampoo will not make your sisterlocs come undone, unless your locs are vulnerable to coming undone from just water. Sisterlocticians are actually selling Dr  Locs’ products to their clients, or did we already mention that?  Check out this video  on tiny locs and micro locs for an unaffiliated Dr Locs’ product review. 

Have you been using Dr. Locs’ product line on you sisterlocs? Tell us how the experience is going for you, we’d love to hear from you!

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