5 Questions You Should Ask Your New Loctician

5 Questions You Should Ask Your New Loctician

Dr Locs strongly recommends finding a loctician that’s right for you.

Your loc journey is a beautiful and unique experience. Everyone who's been there knows it. Though it’s certainly possible to achieve locs on your own, seeking out a loctician who understands your lifestyle and needs is truly invaluable. That being said, if you’re preparing to see a loctician for the first time and don’t really know what to ask during your first appointment, here’s our top 5 questions you can start with.

1. How much money should I set aside for my future appointments with you?

Is this the most important question you’ll want to ask your loctician, but might be too shy to ask? Maybe. But please, don’t be shy. There’s nothing weird or embarrassing about wanting to know how much a consultation and future appointments will cost you down the line. You are trying to prepare yourself for what’s in store for you. You want to know if the cost will change as your hair changes and your locs mature. You need to know how much you’re going to spend and if it’s in your budget or not. 

2. What do I need to buy to maintain my locs when I’m at home, on my own?

You’re not going to be sitting in that chair everyday for the next year. So, of course you need to know how to maintain your locs between appointments. The only way to be prepared for your journey is to know what tools you’ll need along the way, to avoid any problems when you’re on your own. You’ll want to know what products they recommend for your locs, how you should wrap up your locs at night and how to dry your locs when you’re not in the salon. 

3. What’s the best method for me to start my locs?

You might arrive at the salon and know exactly what types of locs you want. Or you may have just decided you wanted locs but don’t know where to start and what style is best for your hair texture. These are all great questions to ask your loctician. While you may have thought interlocking was best for you, after listening to your habits and preferences, your loctician might have an alternative method for you that you might have overlooked. 

4. What should I expect during each phase? And which phase should I start at?

Each stage of your loc journey will be filled with its own unique twists and turns. For the most part, your loctician can prepare you for the unexpected. Many clients run to the salon to start their loc journey without actually knowing what to expect. This is your opportunity to ask a professional what to expect for your specific hair type, so why not ask?

5. When can I style and dye my locs?

Like we mentioned earlier, every stage has its own unique characteristics and specialties. Some stages are more flexible than others. If you know you’re the type who loves to change up your hairstyle fairly often, you might want to ask your loctician when will be the next time you’ll be able to style or dye your locs. 

The idea here is to have a clear idea of what the next days, months and even years will look like. This way, you can feel confident about your decision to loc your hair and enjoy your new style to the max! 

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