3 of Our Favorite Curly Hairstyles for Locs

3 of Our Favorite Curly Hairstyles for Locs

Yes, your locs can curl!

There are plenty of curly hairstyles for locs, and as the years go by, more and more curly hairstyles pop up! In 2021, it’s kind of hard to pick our top three favorite curly hairstyles for locs, but we’ll do our best (to keep it down to 3!) 

Let’s get styling! 

Post Bantu Knot Curls for Locs 

Bantu knots is an awesome style all on their own, but did you know they also result in awesome curls? Pin curls usually result from bantu knots, and the cool part is, you can wrap your locs into bantu knots every night to re-make those beautiful curls for the next day. Easy as pie! 


Pipe Cleaners Anyone?

Another great option for those of us who can’t get enough of curly locs, is when you use one of the best secret weapons: pipe cleaners. You can pick up pipe cleaners from an arts and crafts store, just don’t let them show when you put them in your locs. How long can I keep pipe cleaners in my locs? Great question! You can keep them in for a few days and then take them down. Your locs will look curly and beautiful! Pipe cleaners result in a tighter curl than your bontu knots.


Two Strand Twist Locs

In order to twist your locs, you can use 4 or 8 locs at a time. How many locs you twist will depend on how tight of a curl you want. The general rule of thumb is that the more locs you use, the less curly the results. So, for example, two big twists will give you that wavy look, whereas two and two twists will make it curlier. 

A lot of men use the two strand twist or plaits as a style and then take them down to have a whole other style. You can secure the ends with a rubber band. When you’re ready to remove the bands, carefully cut the rubber bands off your locs (if you're using traditional rubber bands). There are bands that won’t break your hair if you slide them up and down, those you won't have to cut off.


Bonus Curly Loc Options 

Flexi rods are one of our bonus options, which also popped into our idea box. With flexi rods you’ll need to sit under the dryer for a long time. Then you take them down and the curl will last for a few hours. And of course, you can always go for an up-do for a while and then take it down after some time. The locs will cascade into beautiful curls for some time. 


Try it out and let us know your favorite look! We’d love to see photos and hear about your curly loc tricks!

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