How to Wash Bees-wax Out of Your Locs

How to Wash Bees-wax Out of Your Locs

If you’ve put beeswax in your hair, then you’ll need to figure out how to get it out. And get it out quickly and effectively! 

If you’ve been using beeswax on your locs or in your curls, then you have probably already learned all the headache and trouble it will cause you. Beeswax on locs is one of those ingredients that are ‘too good to be true.’ It's an ingredient that offers us that quick fix, but then we all learn at some point what a big BIG mistake that was. And getting beeswax out of your locs will take way more time than all that time you thought it was saving you while you were using it! Ahhh, the double-edge sword of beeswax. But before we get into how to remove wax from your locs, we want to explain why you should never use beeswax in your locs in the first place. 

The Reasons Why We Should Never Use Wax on Our Locs

First of all, wax will attract dirt and lint floating in the air. Not only do we want to keep our locs clean, but we certainly don’t want to have to deal with picking out that lint, talk about time consuming! But the most damaging consequence of using wax is all that buildup it will trap in your locs. And as you already know, Dr Locs is a buildup free line. Why? Because buildup is the absolute worst! So why would you put something over your precious locs that would cause buildup? You wouldn't, that’s right, you just wouldn’t.

If you did by accident put wax in your locs and you’re sure that you’re never going to go near beeswax again, or any type of wax, unless it’s to light a candle, here’s how to get rid of that wax and buildup!

First weapon of choice is your Dr Locs’ Pre-Cleanse. You’ll probably want the 16oz bottle for this procedure, because you will need a whole lot of it depending on how long you’ve been using that wax and how much of it you were using on your locs. You’ll have to go through a few rounds of spraying and rinsing the pre cleanse through your locs, and then a few rounds with the Yasin Shampoo during one wash session. Shampoo at least 3 times. 

If you need to get that wax out ASAP, then we recommend going straight to a loctician who knows how to safely and naturally remove wax from locs. Your loctician will know how to remove that wax without further damaging your locs. 

Many use Apple Cider Vinegar to break down the wax from within the locs, but ACV comes with our warning label. In general, we need to be very careful when using ACV because it’s an extremely powerful ingredient. When used correctly it can cleanse the hair, but when used falsely, can severely dry out the hair. The pre-cleanse already has ACV as one of it’s active ingredients, along with witch hazel and tea tree oil, which will all work together at breaking down that wax from your locs. 

If you’ve sprayed and rinsed several times with Dr Locs pre cleanse and Yasin shampoo, but still aren’t sure about that wax, please go and see a loctician and have someone who knows, look at your locs. Find someone who knows how to repair any damage that may have been done. And after swearing to never use products that cause buildup in your locs ever again, you should be well on your way to amazing natural locs!  

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