Starting Your Locs with Two Strand Twist

Starting Your Locs with Two Strand Twist

Starting locs from the two strand twist method is a really popular way to start your locs. 

If you want to keep your two strand twists as locs, then know that it’s different from temporary twist styles. If you go for a two strand twist just for the style, then at some point they will come undone. There are about three different ways to achieve your two strand twists. For locs to stay, it has to be done in the right (as in consistent) direction when twisting. The traditional direction is to twist clockwise. Counterclockwise will still work, just 99% of people who twist, twist clockwise. This way, you won’t have to remember which direction you twisted when it’s time for a retwist.

Know This Before You Begin

Two strand twisting requires a lot of patience if locs are your end goal. Especially when you compare it to other techniques, because it will look like two strand twists for a very, very long time. Your hair will have grooves from the twist. That’s totally natural. It might take years for the groove to completely disappear. 

Some people may have to retwist the ends after washing to prevent them from coming undone. And well, for some people this is a con. A pro is that this will look like you have a style until the locs really form and the grooves fade. For many this is a huge pro. Again, if locs is your end goal, this technique requires a lot of patients for the locs to look like locs, which is not the case when starting locs with comb coils or other techniques. 

Fine, we got that off our chests. Now onto the technique! 

Step 1:

Cleanse and shampoo your scalp and hair. You’ll want to start your two strand twist on fresh and clean hair. 

Step 2:

Add your desired leave-in conditioner and Yaya oil to each section. For finer textured hair we recommend using the locking spray. Then, beginning at the roots, separate the section of your hair that you want to twist into two equal portions. This is where you get to determine the size of your twists, the size is up to your preferences and taste. We do recommend considering the size you want, they tend to thicken up over time, but that will depend on your hair texture and hair type. 

Step 3:

Hold each strand separately between the pointer finger and thumb of each hand.

Step 4:

Tug downward on the hair (securely but not too aggressively) and then move one strand over the other, while keeping the tension between the hair and scalp. With the hand that remains in its place, reach for the in-coming strand (clockwise) between your middle finger and the top of your pointer finger. 

Step 5:

While retaining that tension, alternate the strand that hasn’t moved yet from your pointer finger and thumb to the other hand that is moving, and catch it between your pointer finger and thumb. 

Step 6:

Move the first moving strand from between your middle finger and pointer finger to rest between your pointer finger and thumb.

Step 7:

Alternate the strand over the other and repeat the process over again until you reach the end of your hair strands. 

Remember to always move in the same direction. Clockwise is best so you always remember when it’s time for a retwist. You can coil any excess hair at the very ends if you like that look.  

Once you’ve finished off all the sections of the hair you are ready to go! You have achieved two strand twists that, over time, can develop into beautiful mature locs! 

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