Working Out With Locs

Working Out With Locs

Exercising and a fresh new twist, to many, seem incompatible. You may be under the impression that one compromises the other. However, just because you spent all this time and effort on a fresh new twist doesn't mean that you have to give up on your intensive workout routine. You can opt for a long yoga workout to give your body a nice clean stretch, while keeping your muscles cut and lean, but you can also stick to your morning run or big sweat workout.

Interlocking Security

When you’re ready for a retwist you can opt for interlocking your roots to keep your new growth in place. If you interlock correctly you should have no problem with your intensive workout. You don’t want to tighten your new growth too tightly, because this can cause breakage and frizz, but you can do it enough that you know your new growth is locked in nice and neat. But remember, if you’ve already gotten your locs accustomed to palm rolling, interlocking may not be the path for you.

Secure Styling

Another option is to try a loc style that holds your locs in place before your workout. This is an especially good option if you’ve set yourself on the palm rolling path. Styles like braids and rope twists will ensure that your new growth locs where it should and will also prevent your roots from frizzing. An added bonus is, when you’re ready to take out your braids or rope twist you’ll end up with a rejuvenating workout and a new hairstyle.

Pre-Cleanse Magic

If you’re mostly worried about the smell and dirt that will develop in your locs and scalp during an intensive workout then it’s time to invest in a natural pre-cleanse designed for locs. A natural pre-cleanse will lift any dirt and debris from your locs and scalp while keeping your hair smelling clean and fresh without having to add an extra wash into your routine, especially if your locs aren’t ready for it. Dr. Locs Pre-Cleanse was made with this exact concept in mind. So, if you’re heading out to the gym, you probably want to add it to your workout bag. Bring on the heat!

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