How To Have Shiny Healthy Natural Locs

How To Have Shiny Healthy Natural Locs

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There are many causes that make locs feel and look dull and dry. The good news is there are also many solutions to cure and maintain locs to keep them healthy and smooth. While some people may think they have dull looking locs, it may just be the natural texture of their hair and not due to poor maintenance. On the flip side, there are still several ways to improve the condition of your locs if you aren’t satisfied with their overall texture.

Regularly Wash your Scalp and Locs

Figure out how long your locs should go with and without getting washed. Some people their locs every 4-6 weeks. Everyone needs something a little different that caters to their lifestyle and body. Don’t push the number too high or too low. Washing your hair too frequently can dry out the locs, while washing your locs too infrequently will cause build-up and typically leads to dandruff, or fungus developing on the scalp. Obviously a dirty scalp is not going to get you the locs you’ve been dreaming of. If you have a loctician, ask him or her how often they think you should be washing your locs, they can probably give you the best answer.

Condition and Oil Your Locs

There are several natural oils out there that work their magic on locs and the scalp. Try sticking to products that have lighter oils like jojoba oil, vitamin E oil and chamomile oil. Additionally, it’s not hard to imagine how and why a hot oil treatment works wonders on locs. Shoot for a hot oil treatment once a month, or once every two months. It’s well worth the effort and time to own locs that naturally shine. If you need an awesome natural conditioner made for locs, which we happen to love, gift yourself a bottle of Jinan leave in conditioner. If you’re not convinced after reading the label, try Dr. Locs trial kit and allow nature to work its magic.

Avoid Certain Products

Avoid products with perfume and the bad alcohols that will dry out your locs. While they may seem to fix all of your hair problems at first, in the long run they may turn your locs dry and brittle, if they don’t lead to build-up and mildew. Look for products that are truly made for locs, products companies that know their customers and have their best interests in mind.

Massage the Scalp

Massaging the scalp can and should take place both in and out of the shower. It’s easy to remember to massage your scalp in the shower, you’re practically half way there anyway, but go the extra mile and really treat your scalp to the pleasures it deserves. Not only is a massage satisfying, but it also stimulates more blood flow to your scalp and roots, which can help those with a dry scalp, frizz, and dry hair. Once you’ve got that routine down pat, add a scalp massage to your nightly routines, all it takes is a good five minutes to stimulate the positive flow for healthy living locs.

Drink Lots of Water and Eat Nutritious Food

Dry locs often means thirsty body. Avoid sweet drinks, or dehydrating drinks and go for the drinks that actually nourish your hair, skin and body. Mineral water or filtered water will do more than just fine. If you are disappointed with the condition of your hair adopting yourself to a new diet will dramatically improve your skin and locs. Add solids and liquids to your diet that will nourish your body, food that contains vitamins and minerals, rather than indulging in food that stimulate your tongue and taste buds and nothing more. You can intuitively look at food and know what's good for you and what isn’t. Just take a moment and imagine the effects the food will have on your body and mood and then reconsider your options. You will feel much better all around if you go for the empowering choice. Let’s not underestimate the power of our diet.

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Pamela Rogers
Pamela Rogers

I am a 51 yrs old women with dreads and just entered menopause noticed thinner hair when I twisted how do I keep thick 6yrs in the quest dont want to cut thanks

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