Winter Loc Care Routine

Winter Loc Care Routine

When winter rolls around there’s a few things we’ll have to look out for besides the hot chocolates and holiday spirits. We’ll also have to adjust our loc care routine to keep our hair healthy throughout the cool season. 

Your hair may feel different in the winter months as the temperatures start to drop. Most of us experience some more dryness, or may experience scalp issues. Dandruff and dry scalp isn’t all that uncommon during those short days and long nights after the winter solstice. Especially for those of us who live or work in places with the heaters on full blast. In this article we’ll discuss some of the do’s and don’ts for keeping your hair healthy during those cool winter months. 

Leave-In Conditioner

Your buildup free leave-in conditioner is your winter sidekick. If you’re experiencing dryer hair in the autumn or winter months, make sure you have a hydrating and nourishing leave-in conditioner at hand to bring your locs back to life. A conditioner infused with hydrating ingredients like yes, water (our number one moisturizer), coconut oil, vitamin E oil and argan oil will all work together to keep your hair clean and soft during those dryer months. 


Our hair and skin love water. When you steam your hair after you’ve applied the right amount of leave-in conditioner to your locs, you’re gifting your hair the opportunity to really take in all those necessary nutrients. Your steamer further encourages your hair cuticles to rise up and take in all that goodness. 

Yaya Oil 

After you steam your hair and rinse out your leave-in conditioner, you can reapply some leave-in conditioner if your hair is really in need of a hydrating boost. Then you’re ready for your oil treatment. Oils are sealants, which means they will seal in all that moisture your hair took in during that pleasurable steaming experience. 

Silk Lined Cap

If you’re going to be wearing winter hats where you live, you’ll most definitely want to invest in a satin or silk scarf to protect your locs from the material of your winter hat. Whether your winter hat is made from wool, or cotton, both fabrics will dry out your locs and in all likelihood, will leave lint in your locs. Two of your locs biggest nightmares. 

Be Aware of the Material You Wear

The material you wear can affect your hair. We need to be extra careful about the scarves we use and how we snuggle up to keep ourselves warm and cozy. Look after your locs when you wrap your neck and shoulders with your scarf. Also, pay attention to your hair when you pull your sweaters on and off. It’s best to have your hair wrapped, no matter how desperately you want to pull off that sweater because of the high heat indoors. The blankets we use are another factor we need to be aware of. Protecting your locs and covering up will help your locs sustain that salon look for much, much longer, without too much effort, and will help your hair retain that moisture it needs to look and feel awesome. 

Other Factors that May Affect Our Hair in Winter

Be aware of holiday eating. If you change your eating habits and patterns because of the change in season and activities available to you, this can affect your hair. You'll see those changes in your hair, skin and nails. In winter we go into hibernation mode, which sometimes entails more comfort foods and less healthy and nutritious ingredients. We may also be less prone to drinking water, since we might be sweating less, or we may be less active overall. Water is life. Try switching over to herbal teas and other hydrating drinks to ensure you're supplying your hair, skin and body with a sufficient amount of water. 

And last, but not least, stress. Stress levels during this season tend to peak (sometimes around the holiday season), and some of us may experience seasonal depression. Both stress and depression can affect the quality of your hair. Winter is a great opportunity to get into self-care mode. It’s a good opportunity to treat yourself to a bath with your favorite essential oils, to practice activities that make you feel good, whether it's yoga, meditation, cooking or making a homemade face mask. Though winter may not have the best rep, it is what you make of it, the magic is up to you! 

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