Why You Should Brush Your Locs in the Mature Phase

Why You Should Brush Your Locs in the Mature Phase

Brushing your locs has many benefits and shouldn’t be bypassed - in our humble opinion. 

Though you may have heard the rumor that you didn’t need to, or shouldn’t brush your locs, if you’re in the mature phase, we’re going to break it to you: It’s a complete myth! There are several benefits to brushing your hair in the mature phase. Let’s have a look at all the benefits of brushing your locs and why you should get into this self-care maintenance routine. 

Benefits of Brushing Mature Locs

The benefits of brushing mature locs are similar to the benefits of brushing your loose natural hair, but naturally, the benefits slightly vary. 

The benefits include:

Brushing Spreads Natural Moisture Down Your Locs- when you brush your hair, you are helping the natural sebum oil nourish your hair beyond your roots. Brushing transfers the natural oils away from your scalp and down your hair. 

Reduces Frizz- as the natural sebum oil is being evenly distributed down your locs, you will also tame and reduce frizz. Because your natural oil acts as a natural moisturizer your hair won’t need to frizz, in search of more moisture. 

Can Reduce Buildup- brushing mature locs helps loosen up whatever may be building up on your roots and scalp between washes. This helps prevent buildup from clogging the pores on your scalp and accumulating over time. 

Detangles Roots- Everytime you brush your locs you prevent your roots and new growth from tangling up. Loc brushing helps separate the new growth instead of having to detangle the hair with your fingers. 

Self-Care- brushing hair is almost like a scalp massage, it’s soothing and relaxing. Give yourself and your hair some love and gently brush your mature locs with the knowledge that you are taking care of yourself as best you can! 

Here’s why you shouldn’t brush locs during the early stages:

Be aware that we’re not recommending brushing during the beginning stages of locs. Baby or teenage phase is not ready for that brush. Mature locs, with fine hair, often leads to frizz, use your own discretion when brushing your hair. 

The frizziness you experience during the early stages is totally necessary, this is a good sign. You need that frizz to be groomed into your locs when it’s time for grooming. Do not rush this stage because it can distract your locs from locking. It’s sort of like when you're a baby or teenager and your body is still developing and is very fragile to external influences. If you drink alcohol as a child, it will be more harmful and affect your body as an adult. You want to give your locs the time and patience to mature without damaging or manipulating them too much. Brushing can strip the locs apart, which is the opposite of what you’re going for!  

Last Thoughts on Brushing Locs

We recommend going for a soft bristle brush, which is why we designed an effective and safe brush for locs. Dr Locs brush is a soft bristle brush, which is gentle on the hair and won't cause breakage, but can in fact prevent breakage down the line! It’s made with natural boar fibres which will strengthen the hair and make it feel and look healthier. Ready to start brushing?

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