Why Should I Oil My Scalp and Not the Actual Loc?

Why Should I Oil My Scalp and Not the Actual Loc?

Oh, this is a good one! If you want healthy hair growth and longer locs, it’s great that you found us here!

The condition and state of our locs all begins with our scalp. If our scalp is not in great shape, then chances are, neither will our locs be living their dream life. If we oil our locs and neglect our scalp, then the weight of the locs can be too much for our scalp. But it doesn’t end there. 

The Importance of Giving Some TLC to your Scalp

As the hair grows, depending on what style of locs we’ve chosen, then eventually that new growth will make its way into our locs. If we keep our scalp hydrated, clean and balanced then that new growth will be strong, healthy and full of volume. If we neglect our scalp, then the new growth can either be weak, prone to breakage, or we simply may experience less growth. 

The hair follicles on our scalp regulate hair growth, and each follicle can generate multiple strands of hair. Essential oils like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, avocado oil and argan oil are incredible oils which work at keeping the roots of our hair clean and hydrated. As the hair grows with a well balanced nourished scalp, we support that new growth and twist that new growth into our well hydrated and balanced locs. Our leave-in conditioner is the best way to keep your locs hydrated and healthy throughout the week.

Your buildup free leave-in conditioner won’t add weight to your locs and scalp, but will hydrate your locs so they are always looking their best. The right buildup free leave-in conditioner will have distilled water as their first ingredient. That’s how you know the conditioner will lightly but effectively hydrate your locs without weighing them down. Our Jinan Leave-In conditioner will not cause buildup as it nourishes your locs throughout the day. The Yaya Oil is especially great for those who tend to have dry scalp, dry locs or more fragile hair strands. When using the Yaya Oil, always run your fingertips with the oil around your scalp and then use what’s left up and down your locs. But please don’t overload your locs with oil.

Hot Oil Treatments and Beyond

We strongly encourage you to treat yourself to a hot oil treatment once a month. Not only is this an awesome way to take care of your scalp and your locs, but it’s also a soothing and nourishing experience for the whole self, if you know what we mean. Hot oil treatments are one of our favorite ways to take a step back from our busy schedules and take that time for our bodies and mind. Nourishing our locs can expand well beyond our beautiful looks, but can bring us closer to the person you want to be. While focusing on our hair growth and scalp, we can also take the time to link up our activities to further promote internal growth too. 

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