Why is Distilled Water in My Favorite Moisturizers?

Why is Distilled Water in My Favorite Moisturizers?

Ever noticed how distilled water is usually one of the first ingredients in your favorite natural conditioners and moisturizers?


If you see distilled water as one of the main ingredients in your skin or hair care products, then, believe it or not, you know it’s a great moisturizing product. It’s so good for you that many hair advocates would recommend washing your hair with it. Distilled water doesn’t have any harsh chemicals or hard mineral build up, so it won’t damage your skin or hair; it only has goodness to offer! In this article we’ll have a look at how your skin and hair will benefit from cosmetics that take advantage of distilled water in their products. 


Distilled Water in Hair Products

Distilled water is found in hair care products because water is actually your hair’s best moisturizer! It will help make the hair feel soft and smooth, and it can remove mineral residues from both the hair and scalp. It will help reduce frizz and split ends, and will aid in the retention of your hair’s natural oils. In hair color products it will help the color stay for longer. That’s why you’ll find it in Dr Locs Amla Extract Color Protecting Conditioner. Distilled water can also be 

found in Dr Locs’ Jinan Leave-In Conditioner, because it will improve the texture of your hair, and will also help prevent tangling and breakage. 


Distilled Water in Skin Care Products

The water in your favorite products actually enhances the other ingredients found in those moisturizers. It acts as a solvent, making sure the active ingredients mix with the rest of those hydrating ingredients. What’s more is that the pH level of distilled water is so close to the skin’s and hair’s favorite pH, that it effectively balances and hydrates the skin. 



Besides being free of any allergens, it’s also free of any harsh chemicals that could dry out our skin and hair. Water is the number one ingredient for hydrating our skin and hair, all the other ingredients help seal in that moisture so that it actually lasts! 


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