Facts on Thinning Hair

Facts on Thinning Hair

If you’ve noticed your hair thinning, there are natural products that can stimulate new growth and give you back some of that volume you love. 

There are several factors that go into thinning hair. The main areas you should look into if you want to improve the volume of your hair are genetics, diet, medication, stress-levels and habits. While we can’t manipulate our genetics, there are areas we do have control over. What we choose to put in our bodies, what we do to our hair regularly, and how we manage stress can have a great impact on the volume of our hair. 

Main Dietary Causes and Cures for Thinning Hair

Our hair may be thinning due to a lack of vital vitamins and minerals in our diet. Thinning hair can be a sign of low copper, iron, or magnesium in our diet. What’s most important for hair growth and our overall health, is maintaining a healthy diet. It’s best to incorporate a healthy amount of complete proteins, vitamin C, A, B-vitamins, and fatty acids in your daily diet. This includes eating more seeds, like chia seeds, flax seeds and hemp seeds, legumes, fish, spinach, kale, raw vegetables, lean meats, tofu and other soy products and fruit. 

When we are lacking in essential vitamins and minerals then our skin, hair and nails are the first to let us know. Thinning hair can be a result of a lack of essential nutrients to the scalp and roots of hair. Our diet is key. If you feel your diet can use some improvement, then we recommend finding a nutritionist that can help curate a diet that works for your body type and preferences. We don’t recommend using supplements, unless under the guidance of a nutritionist. Especially because we can and should be able to get all the nutrients we need from the foods we eat. 

Refine Your Habits for Hair Growth

Sometimes, without even realizing it, the ways we manipulate our hair causes excess breakage and damage to the roots and follicles. The way we brush our hair, the brushes we use for our hair type or locs, and the shampoos we use can either promote growth and create breakage and damage. 

For instance, if you’re concerned about thinning hair, avoid shampoos and conditioners with sodium Laureth sulfate, and opt for shampoos and hair products with essential oils and natural ingredients like aloe vera, rosemary oil, and avocado oil which are all natural ingredients that promote thicker hair. Other natural ingredients like tea tree oil, jojoba oil, eucalyptus oil and witch hazel all work at cleaning the scalp and clearing away any dirt or bacteria that may be clogging or weakening your hair follicles. 

Other natural remedies for thinning hair

Other natural remedies for thinning hair include, Jamaican Black Castor Oil, extracting the juice from onions and applying onion juice to the hair daily for two weeks, olive oil, or hot oil treatments on a clean scalp can all help promote hair growth. And please, don’t stress about it, because stress only further constricts hair growth and promotes hair loss. 

We strongly recommend starting with your diet and drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. Also make sure the medication you're taking like birth control pills and other medications don’t cause hair loss. And please take an honest look at your hair habits to ensure you are doing what’s best for your hair. Harsh hair dyes and other chemicals might be tempting, but long term they're just not worth it. Pregnancy can also cause minor hair loss around the crown. 

What we recommend is looking into areas of your life that are causing extreme stress and coming up with proactive solutions to help relieve all that stress, whether it’s through meditation, long baths or setting out time for yourself to walk, or relax, you and your hair need it! Do what’s best for the whole you!

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