How to Get Sand Out of Your Locs

How to Get Sand Out of Your Locs

Believe it or not, there is no secret ingredient to getting sand out of your locs. 

The same way you might have sand in a towel after, let’s be real, even after an hour at the beach, you are going to have to wash it to get that sand out from those fibres. Same goes for your locs. There’s going to be a little bit of gentle shaking and a little bit more of spraying, rinsing and shampooing to free your locs from that sand. 

The method for getting sand out of your locs

You're going to have to wash your locs over and over again until you’ve released all that sand from your scalp, roots and locs. You’ll have to wait for it to come out. The Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse  is made for the big stuff, like buildup, so yes you can use the Pre-Cleanse  to get rid of that sand, but it won't be the secret, be-all end-all  ingredient. It will help, but you’ll have to go through the whole line and do the work to get out that sand. Wash, rinse, repeat.  

You can gently shake the sand out of dry hair. But if you’re worried about how sand can damage your locs, you won’t need to stress about it. A little bit of sand won't hurt your locs. A complete run through your Dr Locs line and patience will do. A nice amount of shaking is mostly for those of us who have a ton of sand in those locs. Like we’ve caught a wave and tumbled against the ocean floor, picking up handfuls of sand within our locs as we tumbled - amount. But for everyone else, just go right into shampooing because a bit of sand won't damage your locs. 

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