What Can I Use to Moisturize my Locs?

What Can I Use to Moisturize my Locs?


Dry locs can be due to hormones, weather conditions, or genetics. Very often, dry locs can be a result of improper hair care. Products which aren’t designed for locs can often cause build-up or cause the locs to dry. You know you have extremely dry locs when your locs feel brittle to touch or you are prone to breakage by the roots.

Check out your Water

A leading cause for dry hair is the water that’s coming out of your showerhead. Some of us live in areas with extremely harsh water. If you are one of those unlucky folks, you’ll notice the consequences on your skin and hair. Harsh water will strip your skin and hair of the moisture it needs. Fortunately, you can get a filter on your shower head, there are some affordable options out there and of course, there are high end options.

While we’re here, talking about water, drinking more water is probably the first first place to start when you notice you have dry hair, skin or scalp. It also might be the most affordable option out there.

Cut Out Unfriendly Ingredients

If you use any products that have alcohol or petroleum now’s a good time to free up some space and get rid of those damaging products. Most, if not all, wax products will cause build-up, which blocks the moisture from absorbing into the locs. Go for natural products and ingredients that are designed to keep your looks not only looking healthy, but living healthy. Product build-up may cause you more damage and expenses than you’d expect.

Avoid Cotton Fabric

Avoid cotton pillowcases or cotton scarves all year around. Try a satin or silk scarf for the afterhours and you’ll quickly notice the difference in the texture of your locs. You won’t only avoid dryness, but you will also defend your locs against lint. Make sure your locs are completely dry when you tie your locs back in a scarf, otherwise you may risk mildew or dandruff due to fungal.


You locs love moisture and steam so feel free to steam your locs every now and then, just make sure they dry quickly afterwards. You can allow your locs to absorb steam while you shower or a steamer at your local loctician. But, when it comes to washing your locs, you want to reduce the temperature somewhat, as extreme heat on scalp and loc can also cause dryness.

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