Is The “No Clip Method” Safe for My Locs?

Is The “No Clip Method” Safe for My Locs?

We love new loc trends, and usually we are all for them, if they are safe and promote healthy and stylish locs. However, trends like using wax (which we hope by now is something of the past) are damage causing trends, which we want to put an end to before they go viral, and we all know how often the wrong information can trend at an unbeatable speed.

Unfortunately, the latest technique out there, which many are referring to as the,“No Clip Method” is one of those unsafe trends. Let’s repeat that for clarity's sake, the “No Clip Method” is not safe for your locs.

Many people are trying to opt for no clips when retwisting their locs, however clips are necessary for safely retwisting your locs without having them unravel. This ‘new’ technique, which may seem to save you time and money in the beginning only causes more breakage along the root in the long run, which will weaken your locs. Weak roots will prevent the locs from growing in long and healthy. If the locs are weak at the root then of course the growing process will be much slower, but even more importantly, they won’t be able to handle the weight.

Breakage at the root not only causes weak and slow growing locs, but also causes more frizz at the root and potentially down the loc over time. It is important to place the clip at the top of the loc after the re-twist. And as we regularly stress, you should always be twisting your locs in the same direction. You can try to go for three locs in one clip, depending on what type of clips you’re using. Make sure your locs are damp when you retwist them. When you finish retwisting all of your locs sit under a dryer until locs are completely dry, and voilà you’re good to go, breakage free!  


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