Wearing Protective Hairstyles Over Locs and What You Should Know

Wearing Protective Hairstyles Over Locs and What You Should Know

Got that itch to change up your hairstyle? 

We all know that sensation all too well! Our hair is usually our go-to for expressing that inner desire for change. But before we jump into looking for ways to look different and feel different, maybe we should start exploring the root of that need. And if it’s actually our hair that needs some remodeling, or if it’s something even more personal? 

Just a thought…

Now that we cleared that out of the way, let’s dive a little deeper into what you should know before jumping into a new protective hairstyle for your locs. 

Why would one wear a protective style over their Locs? 

As we ease into warmer weather, one would consider a protective style if they want to not have to worry about their Locs unraveling after a retwist. Another scenario may be where one would like to see their hair in a longer loc style, so they add faux Locs to the ends or braid over their Locs. 

What are a few looks with protective styles over Locs featuring our brand ambassador @iammyownstyle via Instagram. 

What are the Advantages of Protective Styles?

One of the biggest advantages, from our perspective, of protective styles, is how it can help you stop focusing on your hair for some time. Protective hairstyles can last for up to two months depending on the size of your locs and the style you go for. 

For instance, if you’re already at the adult phase of locs and want to see a little change, you may go for a protective braid style. If this is you, then make sure you don’t add too much weight to your roots, because what’s going to end up happening is you may end up experiencing some breakage at the roots and thinning. Which is pretty difficult to repair, and you don’t want to end up losing a loc(s) for the sake of a quick change, right? Not if you plan on keeping up the style and lifestyle. Just some food for thought.

Can Anyone Opt for a Protective Style?

You’ve probably already figured out from our tone that we’re not the biggest fans of protective styles in the first place. Not that we don’t love the awesome looks you can achieve with protective styles, but more because they may not be all that protective in the end. 

If you’re just getting started with locs and are in the baby phase or teenage phase, you can not use a protective style. Your locs are still developing their personalities and you can seriously interrupt and indent your locs in undesirable ways. Styling your locs into a protective style will not only affect the development of your locs but may also cause breakage. No thank you! Be sure to have mature locs when you’re doing this style so that your locs aren’t damaged. 

Final Thoughts on Protective Styles

Locs can and do have versatility. We want to be sure you are aware of your options and limitations. If you do opt-in for a protective style be sure your roots and scalp can handle the style. And most of all learn to love your locs and your journey. 

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