This Just Happened: Dr Locs Turns 7

This Just Happened: Dr Locs Turns 7

On June 24 we celebrated 7 years in business! We love any excuse to celebrate in summer, and it’s certainly a big achievement to have made it through the years among all the twists and turns! 

The Very Beginning: How Dr Locs products were born

It all started when Chimere was traveling around from city to city as the natural hair lady helping clients with their locs. Whenever she met with her clients the biggest question was, What should I use on my locs? Chimere consulted with her clients, explored what products and ingredients worked and what didn’t. The number one struggle was, you guessed it, build-up! After constant testing and measuring, she finally put something together for her clients. Her main focus was on how to prevent build up, how to encourage hair growth and how to ensure smooth and healthy locs.  

Chimere conducted some long term research, took off to whole foods and started bottling up ingredients according to her knowledge and experiences. When her clients called her up for their next appointments, she started using her build-up free cocktails. The light bulb went off when they fell in love with her products. 

So, Chimere took the initiative to start selling small bottles to her future clients, while assessing their locs over time. When she found out it was her bottled products that were working its magic on their hair, she knew it was something that needed to be shared with the loc community. She couldn’t resist, whenever her clients came to her with a problem she would just have to find the solution. 

In 2013, Chimere created an Etsy account from her shop with only a limited amount of items. She wasn’t sure how the community at large would react to her products, until a stranger begged her to keep up the shop because the pre-cleanser was working wonders on her husband’s locs. That moment was the confidence boost Chimere needed to keep it going for the people who loved her products. She knew she didn’t want to travel around as a loctician her whole life, or work in a salon for the next 30 or 40 years and these series of cause and effect helped her set up a legacy for her children and for her community.

Dr Locs Expansion 

Dr  Locs short term goals are to move the business outside of Dr  Locs’ apartment! Before 2020 finally closes off we will be in a warehouse, but only after we learn the ins and outs of the warehouse industry. The next step is to expand the staff and Dr Locs family. And last but not least, more products! 

New products are on their way and will soon be released to the public, but only after we have more hands and space to grow. Of course, quarantine is setting us back for now, but then we hope to make more events after our headquarters are solid and secure - then comes the party!

Our promise to our clients 

We have a few promises for you! One: to always be our own manufacturer is our absolute number one promise. Chimere will always be involved with her products no matter what. 

Our second promise is to always be aware of our clients’ and customers' feedback. Dr Locs loves her clients and wants each client and customer to be in love with their locs. 

And the natural hair lady’s last promise is to the Dr Locs’ employees. To Chimere, they are the heart of the business. She knows her people are just as responsible for keeping this business running as she is, ‘I would not be able to succeed if I didn't have those people to help me run and support this business.’ -Chimere, Founder of Dr Locs build-up free product line.

You’re in awesome hands! We just hope you’re as excited and satisfied with our products as we are. We hope to offer the Locs Community more products, so that all of their hair needs are met to go out into the world with confidence. Whether it’s your career, school, family or social life we want you to feel your best. And finally, never give up on your dreams. If Dr Locs was able to put in the work to realize her dreams, then we believe you can too!

Let us know about your first experience with Dr Locs products, how it helped you personally and your community at large! Improving our products has always been important to us, but we also love positive reinforcement and to keep learning from our clients and customers! 

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