How To - Quick Summer Styles

How To - Quick Summer Styles

With every season comes new inspiration for styling your locs! 

Here are some of our favorite protective styles to get you through the summer feeling fresh and trendy. We’ll leave you with three and then you can share with us your alternative favorite styles.

How About a Braid or Cornrows?

Have you tried a traditional braid hairstyle for your locs yet? If your locs are long enough this is a fantastic summer style that keeps your locs out of your face and off your shoulders without straining your locs in uncomfortable styles. And don’t be afraid if some locs slip out of the braid, loose hanging locs can also be a fashion statement. If the one braid look isn’t daring enough for you, then opt for cornrows, a style that can last for a few days plus!

Crinkle Locs

Naturally we would follow braided locs with crinkled locs! The trick is to unravel the cornrows or small braids the next day and admire their new texture. You can add a light amount of water or leave in conditioner sprayed over the locs before you braid them, but make sure not to add too much moisture which can cause mold or a bad smell later on. 


There are so many methods for going about an updo style. One way is to section off your hair down along your side part. Then smooth over your locs to one side, towards the side where most of the locs are. Use a thin headband to hold the locs in place. Then take small sections of the hair and loop them up and over the headband until you make it all the way around, always selecting small sections from one ear to the next. You can go for a front flip once you make it to the last locs section in front of your face. Make sure you choose a favorite headband though, because it will show on the alternative side where the twist is not present! And yes, this is a pin-free style. 


All in all, when you’re growing out your locs you have an abundance of styles to choose from no matter what the length of your locs may be. These are only a few of our favorite options, but there are plenty more to choose from. 

Check out this video of Shanicia Boswell, Founder of Black Moms Blog, where she captures all three of these styles and their versatility. 


What’s your favorite style this summer?

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