This Just Happened: COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes - Self Care from Home

This Just Happened: COVID-19 Lifestyle Changes - Self Care from Home

Everybody’s talking about COVID-19, so we thought we should shed a little light on the current situation, and encourage the best out of you and your community. 

So, it’s true, some of the perks include working at home without having to change into your work clothes, and though the first week or two you may have blissfully enjoyed this possibility, there may come a time where you start wearing your work clothes again (including from the waist down that is), while working from home, without fully understanding what compelled you to freshen up and dress up. 

Video Chat Anyone?

However your lifestyle may have changed, for the good and the bad, we want to send you a friendly nudge, reminding you how your locs still rely on your wholesome love to stay healthy and groomed. We know you’re skyping, zooming or google chatting, so the opportunity to flaunt your lovely locs is still going strong, and just because you think your colleagues or friends can’t see your locs from behind doesn't mean you should take the risk of slacking on that hair care groove for the next few weeks. Let’s recover from this crisis with our locs more nourished than ever. 

From Chaos to Order

COVID-19 has made an impact on just about every individual’s life, whether it has come first, second or even third hand, change is all around us. We know the situation may be very challenging for some of you out there, and we want you to know we are here for you, sending you virtual and transcendental love vibes. We are each handling the current situation to our best capacity, and we just want to encourage everyone to stay strong and self-empowered. If things have become especially chaotic for you, maybe now it’s the time to start making order through the chaos. The body and mind thrive under routine, and you may find solace in your hair care routine now more than ever! Self-care and self-love should never get thrown aside, you may just find this is your one and only way to get through these unexpected challenges. 


Let’s stay positive and hope for great changes to come, changes that support small business, artists, teachers, parents, professionals and communities at large. We’re looking to our locs to help us get through these strange times, how so? By reinforcing our healthy habits and routines, despite the persistent skype calls, never-ending hand washing, the entire family locked indoors and frightening daily news, in some states more than others. Let’s support each other through the current crisis.

Share beautiful twists and tales that have made you smile or hopeful during this current pandemic. The more your best stories have to do with your locs the more we’ll love it!

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