Myths and Misconceptions: Beeswax

Myths and Misconceptions: Beeswax

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If you’re using beeswax to keep your locs homogenous and frizz-free, now it’s time to slowly put the bottle in the trash and bid it a quick farewell. 

Beeswax has been pinned and labeled as an ‘all-natural’ product, and yes, while this product does come from nature’s best, it is definitely not best for your locs. In fact, it may just be the worst product for your locs. 

Why do people use Beeswax for their locs? And why you shouldn’t! 

Beeswax is marketed as an organic or natural product great for holding locs in place. And, while this may be true, the damage it causes to your locs is more time consuming and heartbreaking than you could have imagined. The people who use beeswax, use the substance to lock and hold their hair in place. The problem is, once you spread this substance over your locs, there is no getting it out. Well, there’s no getting it out with your standard wash routine. Fortunately, there are ways to get this substance out of your locs before it causes too much damage. While the beeswax works at locking your locs in place, it also seals your locs off from moisture, while trapping unwanted buildup, lint and dirt inside your locs. Too many years of beeswax will most likely end with cutting off the locs due to extreme loc-rot inside the locs. Yes, we’re serious, it’s that bad. Buildup from beeswax is no pretty picture. 

How to remove beeswax from your locs

So, how do you remove the beeswax and buildup from your locs before it’s too late? Because beeswax is a water-soluble, you’ll have to opt for a natural oil to breakdown the beeswax. Choose a lighter oil for this project like olive oil, jojoba oil or almond oil to remove the buildup and wax. Make sure to lightly twist and pinch the oil down and out of your locs one at a time. And though it’s nice to treat your locs with all that hydrating oil, you’ll want to wash it out with warm water and then a clarifying rinse. 

You can also choose the clarifying path, skipping the oil treatment. You can either do this by going to a loctician who knows how to measure out this formula, or you can opt for the wash yourself. Just make sure to measure the baking soda or apple cider vinegar accurately and leave your locs soaking in the mixture for a limited amount of time. Then rinse your locs until the water runs clear. You may have to repeat this process to ensure your locs are buildup free.

To remove beeswax from your scalp, use Dr Locs Pre-cleanser and wipe away buildup, beeswax and lint from your scalp and let it breathe!  


Do not use beeswax! Beeswax causes build-up, which can damage your locs long term. If you can salvage the locs, try using a clarifying shampoo, or oil treatment to remove the buildup and wax from your locs before it’s too late. You don’t need to learn the same lesson twice, look for buildup free products that work on keeping your locs healthy and beautiful without causing them harm or damage. And whatever you do, don’t stop loving those locs! 

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I love your blog! I am new to the loc journey and i am excited and i love my locs! Thanks for all you do

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