Thinning Locs: Causes and Prevention

Thinning Locs: Causes and Prevention

Thinning locs is an issue many, but not all, may deal with, depending on what stage of life and locs you’re in. There are  certain actions that can cause locs to thin, and there are ways we can prevent our locs from thinning. In this article we’ll have a look at possible explanations behind thinning locs and what you can do to treat or prevent your locs from thinning. 

Heavy styling. 

A lot of people don't know their styles are causing breakage along the roots. Not all styles do this, but styles that cause pulling will eventually wear down the roots. Styles like updos often cause pulling around the edges and edges are the first to go. If this sounds like something that may be the explanation behind your thinning locs, simply go for safe and protective styles to eliminate this issue. 

Having a baby. 

This is major. Every pregnancy will be different. One baby can add more hair but another can take out a lot of hair - this goes for pregnancy and nursing. Thinning around the edges might just be temporary while pregnant or after pregnancy. Consult with a loctician if you notice thinning especially if you’re considering adding extensions.


Lack of some nutrient(s) in your diet can cause the locs to thin. The middle of the head usually means something is missing from your diet. Consult with a doctor. Sometimes you'll have more info by having someone run your blood. Change in diet will also reflect in your hair. Your hair, skin and nails will tell you what's going on internally. If you're not eating enough of something or too much of something it will come up in your hair. Locs will always be truthful. Non-locked hair makes it easier to hide but locs reveal all to you. Locs never lie. 

For instance, when you're anemic, and you lack iron, it will show up in your hair. See if you have low iron levels, low B12, or maybe you’re not getting sufficient protein in your diet. You can prevent this by eating a lot of green vegetables, grass-fed animals, and/or supplements, but do consult with a doctor first. 

Age and Genetics.

When locs are thinning due to age, it typically presents itself all over and mostly in the middle. You can take herbal remedies, but age is a tricky thing. It's your DNA and if it's in your genetics it can be hard to reverse. Changing your diet will help. Age is a factor. As a preventative measure, try to eat well and do better than what your family might have done. Maybe you had a parent with high blood pressure, they were a smoker, and didn’t have a healthy lifestyle. If you do, you exercise and eat well, your hair may have a different narrative than theirs later in life. Consult with a naturopath doctor for guidance. 


This is number one. Lcos don't lie. When you have breakage or thinning on the bottom right hand corner of the scalp it's usually stress. The right back corner can be your stress corner in your locs. Thinning occurs a few weeks down the line. It could come in two weeks after your stress began. So even if you're not stressed anymore, it could have caused it and you’re only seeing it weeks later. You'll need a month or so to have your hair grow in again. Use the entire Dr Locs' Line to strengthen hair and scalp, for healthy new growth. Hair growing is a good thing, but if you're bald at the root, talk to a doctor to see what's going on.

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