How to Keep That Color in Your Hair

How to Keep That Color in Your Hair

Ready for a change? One of the most accessible and fun ways to create change is by adding color to your hair. However, when that color begins to fade, or you see it washing down the drain, it sort of defeats the whole purpose. That’s why we’re going to have a look at all the ways you can preserve that color in your locs and really make it pop. 

Professional vs Box Color

As you may have guessed, we recommend going to a color specialist and not going for a box color. Professionals have a different formula than what comes in the box. The color they have is not only better for your hair, but will also make the color stick for longer.

Make sure the professional is offering you a stream treatment and you're being guided to use the steamer as a home treatment. We always recommend steam treatment while getting your hair colored. 

Using the Right Shampoo

Dr Locs’ Sweet Peppermint Color Treated Clarifying Shampoo helps clear the slate, getting rid of dirt or debris in your hair so you can add moisture to your hair. It won't strip your hair like most clarifying shampoo do. This is a great step to take before adding color to your hair.

The Rose Lavender Shampoo was created for color treated locs. People notice the color popping after using this shampoo instead of the color washing away. The ingredients in this shampoo encourage the color. 

Conditioner for Color Treated Hair

The Amla Extract Conditioner was made for color treated locs. There's very few products out there made for color treated locs. It was made by a loctician and a chemist. It's only rinsing out what you don’t need in your hair and helping the hair take up the nourishment. The hair will be very soft and moisturized after using this product, which we especially want to encourage after color treatments. 

Use a steamer while the Amla Conditioner is in your hair for 20 minutes then rinse with cool water for best results.

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