The Benefits of the Dr Locs Bonnet

The Benefits of the Dr Locs Bonnet

If you want your twist-outs to last, you’ll want to gift yourself Dr Locs’ Bonnet. 

If you thought we were going to end with our buildup-free product line, then you were oh so wrong! While the products we use on our locs are key for securing awesome locs, our maintenance routine also has to be as good - so that people can stop us on the street and beg us to reveal our secret to perfect locs! 

As you may already know, covering your locs at night with a bonnet that will actually protect your locs is key for maintaining healthy locs. So why should you go for Dr Locs bonnet? Let’s get the inside scoop behind the design to understand what makes it so good! 

Why We Decided to Design Our Own Bonnet

Firstly, because people have been asking us for years to design our own bonnet. But more importantly because we want to provide all things needed for the loc community. People have a lot of bonnets, and we wanted to design one we would love too. We wanted it to be very plush with satin and we did it. 

Satin is the process, most satin is polyester, but the pattern and the way they use the polyester material is how we get satin. The material was most important to us because we wanted to make sure we were not putting things on our hair that will remove moisture from our locs. Our bonnet won’t remove moisture, but will help keep that moisture there where it should be. In the future there will be different styles, to keep it fun and stylish throughout the years. 

The Benefits and Features of Our Satin Bonnet

Our Bonnets are made of satin, and not just any kind of satin, but of  premium quality satin without any latex. This way you shouldn’t have any allergic reactions to our bonnet, and also you can rest assured that our bonnet will protect your locs while your hair retains all that necessary moisture while you sleep! Bye bye dry locs, those days are behind us now with Dr Locs satin bonnet. 

Our bonnet comes in two sizes, we have the Satin Bonnet - Long for those of you rockin long locs and the Satin Bonnet - Short, for those of you with super cute short locs. Wait - did we mention the bonnet is reversible? It’s almost like buying two bonnets in one. Well, two cute bonnets in one! 

Our bonnet is made of 100% premium satin on both the outer layer and the inner lining. Now you no longer have to worry about color fading issues onto your pillow. Yeah it’s true what you’re thinking, we really covered all the bases with this one. 

Now, let’s have a look at all the features of Dr Locs bonnet. 

Bonnet Features Include:

  • Stretch Band
  • Non-Latex Material
  • Wide enough for short to shoulder length locs 
  • Reversible Wear
  • Designed with full cover satin to prevent hair frizziness, and tangle-free by reducing friction between your hair. 
  • Suitable for sleeping, washing your face, bathing, or doing skincare.

Exciting things are happening on our side and we want you to join in on the fun! 

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