Our Step-By-Step Wash Day with the the Dr Locs Steamer

Our Step-By-Step Wash Day with the the Dr Locs Steamer

It’s maintenance time!

When it’s time to set yourself up for a wash day, you’re going to have to line up all your favorite buildup free products to ensure your locs stay fresh and healthy. We're super excited to announce plenty of new products that will help you keep those locs looking amazing. We finally decided it was time to come out with our very own steamer to ensure we’re there for you every step of the way! 

The Benefits of Steam Treating Your Locs: 

  • Promotes Hair Growth
  • Soothes Dry Scalp
  • Improves Moisture Retention (great for colored locs) 

Now onto our step-by-step wash day routine with the Dr Locs Steamer! 

Step One: Pre-Cleanse

Dr Locs' Pre-Cleanse is used to pull up heavy flakage on the scalp, which will help your shampoo penetrate even deeper. It should be used before shampooing with our Yasin shampoo, this way you know all that dirt and debris is out of your locs. This Pre-Cleanse is designed to pull up dirt, leaving the scalp feeling fresh and clean. 

Step Two: Buildup Free Shampoo

Wash locs with Dr Locs'  Yasin Shampoo or our shampoo for color treated hair. Locs should be soaked very well before applying any shampoo. Rinse out the Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse before applying your shampoo. It is highly recommended to wash locs at least 3 times with the shampoo to ensure that your locs are clean through-and-through. This includes scalp, actual locs, and new growth. When the water runs clear, you’re ready for your leave-in conditioner. 

Step Three: Buildup Free Leave-in Conditioner 

Spray locs, roots, and scalp with Dr Locs' Jinan Leave-In Conditioner. The Jinan Leave-In works great if sprayed during the grooming experience. After spraying, massage the Conditioner into the scalp and new growth. 

Side note: You can (and should) also use our Jinan Leave-In Conditioner as a daily moisturizer for both your locs and scalp. (This solution may cause your loc grooming to dampen, so you may want to spray on locs instead of roots if your hair isn't interlocked.)

Step Four: ****STEAMER time! 

The steamer is used every time you wash your locs - if you wash your locs once a month. 

Use the steamer with the leave-in conditioner, then rinse your hair with cold water. Add distilled water to the steamer - only distilled water so that it doesn’t break your steamer, the minerals in tap water will clog and break the steamer. Fill up the steamer until the line where it says stop, then plug it on and turn it on. Add the water first, then plug it in and turn it on. 

Give it time to steam, run the steam up and down your locs, don't aim the steamer at your scalp, otherwise it will burn. Run the steamer up and down your locs. If you have short locs you may want to have someone help you so that you don’t get too close to your locs. You can steam for around 20-30 minutes. Steaming helps open up your hair follicles, which allows the yummy stuff on your hair (ie our leave-in conditioner) to get into your hair’s inner matrix. The cool water will trap the good stuff inside your locs, trapping in that moisture. And then go right into styling, or grooming.

Step Five: Buildup Free Locking Spray

As you tighten up the new growth into its appropriate loc through twisting or interlocking, you’ll spray Dr Locs' Imani Locking Spray on the new growth area. Hold the loc in place with a metal clip, and after you finish grooming each loc, sit under a hood dryer to set the grooming. After roughly 40 minutes to an hour, the new growth should be dry. Make sure never to leave your actual locs wet. Gently squeeze or your locs to see if they are dry in the inner layers. 

Step Six: Hydrate with your favorite nourishing essential oils

When you are certain your locs are completely dry, you’re ready for Dr Locs' Yaya Oil. Add a few drops to the palm of your hand, rub your hands together so the oil gently heats up and then, massage the Yaya Oil on the scalp and smooth it up and down the locs for a finished look. 

And that’s all! 

Last notes about our steamer (for now):

Our steamer is a convenient hand-held hair steamer specifically designed to help you quickly refresh and restyle your hair. Use the Dr Locs steamer to hydrate your locs. Please do not place the steamer in direct contact with your scalp. And if you want your steamer to last and work its best magic, we strongly recommend using distilled water only.

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