The All Abouts on Argon Oil and Your Locs

The All Abouts on Argon Oil and Your Locs

Okay, so, what exactly is argon oil and where does it come from?

Argon oil comes from the Moroccan Argon tree. This tree is special in that it is only found in North Africa. The oil is pressed and extracted from the nut found inside the fruit draping this Moroccan Argon tree.

Since this tree only grows in Morocco it has created a sweet economic boom in the country. While the oil may seem a bit expensive, imagine how many more jobs this one tree-breed has offered many Moroccan civilians.

Historically, the Moroccan Berber tribe was well known to have used this oil. Unsurprisingly, one characteristic this tribe is well known for is their amazingly silky smooth skin.

Argon oil is a great natural solution to treat damaged locs, especially locs damaged from those harsh hair dyes. Argon oil strengthens hair and prevents damage. The oil preserves the happiness of your hair follicles, which promotes happy and healthy hair growth.

It shouldn’t come as a total shock that argon oil is also said to prevent hair loss. By applying argon oil to your locs you decrease risks of breakage or damage; avoiding any unnecessary hair loss. That’s pretty fantastic for one ingredient.

This natural lubricating oil will add softness and sheen to your locs. After applying argon oil, you want to cover your scalp with a cute looking scarf. Okay, it doesn’t have to be a cute scarf, but why not? After all, the oil does have a great natural scent.

By covering your scalp and locs you are ensuring the oil totally conditions and sinks into your hair fibers for maximum effect. And just as an FYI, if you’re experiencing dry, itchy scalp, argon oil is said to treat dandruff as well.

In case you were wondering, argan oil is also great for the skin. Normally, when we’re talking natural, what’s good for the hair is good for the skin. The antioxidants in argon oil are gentle agents that work to fight against lines and wrinkles in your skin.

So, next time you’ve finished applying some oil to your scalp and locs don’t forget to enjoy the left over oil on your face and neck. 

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