But Why Are My Locs Dry?



First we’ll cover how to detect dry locs. Some of us have a naturally dry hair texture; in this case you should moisturize your locs more often than others. However, there are times when you may have noticed an irregular shift in your usual texture. Dry locs typically feel brittle to the touch. You will also notice frequent breakage when your locs are dry. Unfortunately, the products you have been using to nourish your hair can actually be the culprits drying you out.


Here is a list of ingredients to absolutely avoid:

  • Mineral oil

  • Petrolatum

  • Paraffin

  • Petroleum

  • Alcohol

  • Beeswax


If you find these ingredients first on the label list that means there are higher concentrations, which means higher risks of buildup, breakage, and dry locs. Why they even bother to make these damaging products deserves its very own research and writing.


Mineral oil/Petrolatum/Paraffin will seal any moisture you already have in your locs which is why many woman use it. However, if your hair is already dry, the mineral oil/Petroleum, which are ‘occlusive’ agents, will prevent your strands from absorbing any moisture.


So, if you are using products to moisturize your locs and they contain these ingredients, well, don’t expect it to really work. It’s like wearing clear latex gloves over your hands and wondering why your hands are still dry even though you moisturize daily; Ya know?


There are lots of rumors flying around that your body absorbs and retains mineral oil that are found in beauty products which may be linked to cancer. Seems that once these little guys get into your body they never want to leave. After much research, many of the beauty products we rely on are actually contaminated with cancer causing impurity. Painful high heels are one thing, but carcinogens are really something else.



Alcohol Lets face it, its no shock to discover alcohol on this list. Isopropyl alcohol will dry out your hair, and your skin and, other human tissues for that matter. Alcohol is used in many hair products to ensure the product spreads evenly across your hair. It will also make your hair dry faster. The obvious issue here is as it dries out the water from your hair, it also dries out essential oils; not really the overall look we’re going for.


Beeswax attracts dirt and debris and is difficult to wash out of your locs. Beeswax is a hydrocarbon and has a high melting point, which makes it a total hassle to remove from your locs. So, unless you take unnaturally boiling hot showers, better avoid this ingredient.


To ensure healthy locs you may want to try a monthly natural hot oil treatment. Aloe Vera gel, jojoba oil, and Coconut oil are also great natural alternatives to treat dry locs.


Bottom line:

Trust in nature.