Should You Detox Your Locs?

Should You Detox Your Locs?

The answer to this one is a tricky one, simply because if you make a mistake along the way, you may end up damaging your locs instead of ‘purifying’ them. Detoxing locs has become a sort of trend, but when done incorrectly, can damage the condition of the locs. Below are a few key factors you should know and consider before opting for a loc detox. 

Determining If Your Locs Have Buildup

Buildup is such a varied word since there are different types of buildup that can occur in your locs. If you’re not sure if your locs have buildup, give them a squeeze when wet. If white stuff, or something other than water appears to the surface, then it’s buildup. 

Frequency of Detoxing Locs 

One should only detox their locs once a year, but if you’re using Dr Locs buildup free product line you really shouldn’t need to detox, well, ever. The best moment to do a locs detox is if you're transitioning over to natural products from, let’s say, less natural products. Many products that aren't designed for locs often cause buildup, if not right away, within a few months.  

ACV Detox Rinse 

Apple Cider Vinegar is one of the most popular ingredients used for detoxing locs. This however, does not mean it can’t cause serious damage to the locs when used incorrectly. Apple Cider Vinegar is a powerful ingredient that can naturally break down buildup that has made its way inside the loc. It also cleans the locs both inside and out, and is used to balance out the pH level of the scalp. Though many people swear by ACV rinses and detoxes, because it is such a powerful ingredient it can strip too much from the locs, leaving them dry and brittle. 

Alternative Solutions

If your locs have mildew or buildup, then we recommend detoxing the locs with Dr Locs Pre-cleanse until the buildup has been removed. 

Dr  Locs Pre-cleanse uses apple cider vinegar, however, the Pre-cleanse contains a strategic healthy amount that will clean the locs and roots without causing any damage. Dr Locs Pre-cleanse also balances out the ACV with other oils like jojoba oil, to keep the hair well moisturized and healthy. The Pre-cleanse can also be used frequently to break down any buildup that has made its way into the locs from other products used that have caused buildup.

Key Takeaway

So should you detox your locs? Yes, healthy locs are good, but make sure the products you are using are buildup free products to avoid detoxing as often.  If you use a product line like Dr Locs on your locs then you shouldn’t need to do a detox, because there shouldn’t be any buildup in the locs. This way you are regularly cleaning the inside and outside of locs without overdoing it and stressing the hair.

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