Dr Locs Products Line: Made for all Stages of Locs & Hair

Dr Locs Products Line: Made for all Stages of Locs & Hair

Dr Locs has carefully mixed together nature’s best ingredients to ensure your locs are buildup free and well moisturized. Dr Locs mixtures are intuitively and professionally blended in a way that even loose haired natural guys and gals will benefit from our products. 

Whether you’re at the very early phases of locs, have advanced all the way to the mature phase of locs, or you’re simply loving your natural hair, Dr Locs products will keep your strands clean, soft and well moisturized. 

Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse for All Loc Stages and Loose Hair

Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse might just be the most popular product on the shelf, but don’t quote us on that one. That’s because there’s nothing like it on the market. It’s one of those magic potion products that work at keeping the scalp and roots healthy and clean when you’re in between washes. 

For those in the earlier loc phases, which is just about the first year of rolling and twisting locs, this product is indispensable. Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse not only smells fantastic, it also cleans out the excess oil and dirt that may be building up on your scalp after a workout, on active days, or when the roots feel heavy but it’s not quite the day for a deep cleanse rinse and wash. The Pre-Cleanse is also a key tool for getting rid of buildup. Product buildup normally reveals itself around the roots and along the entire loc. 

Could it be that it's simply the combination of our favorite ingredients that makes this product so desirable? It’s carefully made up of:

  • Distilled Water
  • Sea salt
  • Apple Cider Vinegar
  • Jojoba Oil
  • Tea Tree Oil
  • Eucalyptus Oil
  • Witch Hazel
  • Vitamin E (fights bacteria)
  • Germaben ii (mild preservative & fights bacteria)

These antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, and hydrating ingredients lift up excess oils, flakes and build up from the roots and scalp so you can go about your day feeling fresh and clean no matter what! Many men and women with loose hair have come to love this product, especially those with curlier hair. 

Spray the area that seems to have product buildup, let the pre-cleanse sit for a minute or two, then rinse the area with hot water, and repeat until all that buildup has been removed! The product build up will surface, that's a sign that it's detaching itself from your roots and locs. This process works hand in hand with the shampoo. 

Dr Locs Shampoo for All Loc Stages and Loose Hair

Dr Locs all natural Yasin shampoo gently cleans the scalp, roots, locs and hair strands without any toxic flavors. The Yasin shampoo is designed to balance out the pH level of the scalp to avoid and cure dandruff and dry scalp. This tested buildup free product is great for those just getting started with locs and can be used throughout each locking phase. Unlike most shampoos, it won't cause buildup and will eliminate dirt, debris and lint from the hair, ensuring the new growth is both clean and strong. 

The aloe vera leaf juice and tea tree oil in Dr Locs shampoo hydrates the hair shaft and scalp as it cleans. And then of course there's the delicious mixture of jojoba oil, grapeseed oil, eucalyptus oil, and lemon-grass oil, for a fresh scent and hydrated cleanse. 

Jinan Build-up Free Leave-In conditioner for All Loc Stages and Loose Hair Alike

We all need a good leave-in conditioner that won't make our hair look greasy, or add build up to our locs. For those with curly or coily hair, a leave in conditioner is particularly valuable, especially during those winter months. One of the most effective ways of adding moisture to the locs and hair so that it doesn't feel brittle and break, is by using an all natural leave-in conditioner, that is buildup free. Hydration is key for all phases of locs in order to prevent thinning locs, breakage and frizz. 

Dr Locs’ Jinan Leave-In Conditioner rehydrates scalp and locs and can be used daily. The solution will add moisture and leave locs soft without an oily feel. The distilled water paired with the coconut oil provides the locs and hair strands a pleasant soothing experience. Take advantage of this product during loc grooming sessions, before brushing the hair or locs and whenever your locs or hair are feeling on the dryer side. If you color your hair, or plan on it, you will need this leave-in-conditioner to fight dry locs throughout the week. And the best part about it? It can be used daily! 

Imani Locking Spray for All Loc Stages 

Okay, maybe we’re not going to recommend this product for loose haired guys and gals, but if you’re locking you should certainly be spraying this secure product all over your locs. Well, you may just want to focus your spritz on the new growth, but you know what we mean! Dr Locs Imani Locking Spray will supply your locs with the hold they need without adding build up or junk over your new growth. It’s a gentle chamomile spray which will hydrate locs, and is great for grooming locs at all stages. It is the only thing you need, no beeswax, no additional gel and it saves you so much time by just being able to spray and interlock (or retwist). 

Dr Locs delicious Yaya Oil for All Loc Stages and Loose Hair

This product is made for anyone who needs or wants to hydrate their hair and locs with natural oils. While the Jinan Leave-In Conditioner adds moisture to the hair, the Yaya Oil acts as a sealant to lock in all that essential moisture. Dry, dull and lackluster hair is no fun, but when the hair is conditioned, massaged and treated with hydrating oils your hair can suddenly feel like it did in childhood. Dr Locs Yaya oil can be applied directly onto locs or at the ends of your hair during those drier seasons and days. 

If you're experiencing dry scalp, whether you have loose or loc’ed hair, Yaya oil has 6 different natural oils to cure and restore the scalp and hair to its natural order. Jojoba oil  and Grape seed oil will treat a dry, flaky scalp. The avocado oil slips its way into hair strands so that you get all the good moisture within the locs and hair matrix. Argan oil hydrates and softens the hair and rejuvenates the scalp so that your hair smells great and feels as soft as it should. Ohh and one of our favorite things about it is that it can also be used on the skin. 

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