Helpful Maintenance Tips for Locs that were Born through Palmrolling or Twisting

Helpful Maintenance Tips for Locs that were Born through Palmrolling or Twisting

There are several methods for moving your natural hair phase to natural locs. You may want to consider different techniques depending on the texture and length of your hair. Many people choose to begin their loc journey with palm rolling or with twisting. 

If you’ve chosen to test out the palm rolling or twisting method you may notice that your locs are a bit more frangible than with other methods. You want to take extra care that your locs do not end up un-twisting before they mature. 

Many people recommend to avoid washing your locs for as long as possible to ensure they lock properly. In general, we don't recommend going longer than a month without washing your locs. You want to be careful with your locs, but you also don't want to mistreat your scalp and hair. 

It's important to keep your scalp and locs nutritious and healthy. If you neglect washing and caring for your scalp and locs then you might notice your scalp becoming dry and itchy. Depending on how much oil and moisture insists on sticking to your head, you may even find a fungus growing. 

This is certainly not the point of going natural. Its very important to keep your hair and scalp clear and clean. Washing every two weeks should do the trick. If you have a very close and intimate relationship with your scalp and know its clean vs dirty threshold than go with that, just make sure to find a proper balance between being not-too-careful and way-way-too-over-the-top-careful.

Over the first month with your new twists, try to carefully explore your locs and discern which locs need more twisting. When you’ve twisted any locs that appear loose begin to roll it back and forth between your fingers and palms. You may find yourself doing this during your downtime, computer, or couch time, just make sure not to over do it. Some of us tend to get lost in the twist and wind up over twisting which can damage your locs. 

Try to stay consistent and always twist your locs to the right. You can retwist after a shower, as you may find your locs a bit looser, but better keep your hands off if you can resist and allow the locs to completely dry. 

Your best bet is to be using natural products on your hair while other chemical products will most definitely damage your locs and scalp. Don't be afraid to trust in the natural oils of your hair, this is your body’s way of naturally nourishing your strands.

If you are concerned about dandruff, dry and itchy scalp, or fungal growth try to dilute tea tree oil and apply to your scalp sparingly, and don't forget, you will succeed. 

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