Myths and Misconceptions of Why You Shouldn't Wear Locs

Myths and Misconceptions of Why You Shouldn't Wear Locs

If you’ve been dreaming about having locs for years, but have been hesitating because of false ideas circulating around locs, we're here to break the myths and give you the positive facts!

Instead of focusing on the motivation behind the rumors, we’re going to lead you onto the path of truth, so you can forget about all of that nonsense, inform yourself, and know what to answer others if and when you hear these horrible rumors. 

Myth #1: Locs stink because once you have locs you shouldn’t wash them

If you’re looking for a hairstyle that doesn’t require shampoo or conditioner, you’re best off going for a shaved head look, because locs need to be washed just about every two to three weeks, give or take. The only phase that your locs should be washed less frequently is during the very first months of locs. In the beginning, your locs have to lock. During this phase, frequent washes can prevent this from happening. If the locs have a foul odor, that’s due to buildup. It doesn't mean that that individual isn’t washing their locs but it may be the use of too many products for months, maybe even years. However, don't worry, this is where the Dr Locs Pre-Cleanse is helpful. It is designed to keep the scalp and new growth clean all the way through, providing a way to get rid of build-up before you do your actual shampoo.  We recommend you visit or consult with a local loctician to discuss a hair regimen to be sure your hair is clean and remains healthy. 

Myth #2: Locs are a low maintenance hairstyle

It’s only natural that we follow up myth #1 with the obvious myth #2. There are no set rules for locs, and every individual maintains their locs differently depending on what type of locs they have, Ie:  Free Form locs, Sisterlocks, short locs, etc. but most individuals with locs will tell you, “they ain't no walk in the park.” Locs love a little TLC, just like your skin, body and soul. The amount of love you put into a healthy lifestyle, physically, mentally and emotionally, will be the aount of love that comes out. Your locs are no different. The amount of care for them will eventually show. We can’t tell you if locs will require less maintenance than whichever hairstyle you have now, but what we can say for sure that although locs are a natural style, they still demand some hair care attention, especially if you want awesome healthy locs. 

Myth #3: Once you have locs, you are locked into one hairstyle 

The only individuals locked into one hairstyle with locs are those who want only one hairstyle with their locs. You can craft your locs into as many hairstyles as your big heart desires. In your beginning stages, you may be a bit limited but as soon as your babies begin to grow, YouTube and Pinterest have so many styles for the beginning loc phases and they are beautiful! If you’re looking for a new style, just do some cruising online to get inspired for fresh and exciting loc styles, you’ll literally spend hours looking through all the possibilities! 


Locs can be very versatile and require a healthy amount of attention and love. Your body, skin and hair move according to its own rhythm and a part of having beautiful locs is getting to know that rhythm, so learn to work with your body instead of against it. If you already have locs, then share your success story with us here, we’d love to hear about it, and so would those who have always thought those myths about locs were in fact facts!

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