Five Ways to Blaze New Trails Toward Your Dreams

Five Ways to Blaze New Trails Toward Your Dreams

Five Ways to Blaze New Trails Toward Your Dreams

It’s never too late in life to set out some goals for yourself and start targeting your dreams. 

You don’t have to be a child to dream big, all you need is a little imagination and a lot of inspiration. We know it might not seem easy, or realistic to achieve your dreams, but we’re here to tell you that it’s not too late, and a dream is never too great. 

Start Plotting: The best way to figure out what your thinking and feeling is by writing it all down. Start imagining your dream life and make a list of all the details that surround that dream. What does it look like, taste like, smell like and feel like? How do you imagine yourself within that scenario? Don’t be afraid to get creative. Let yourself go and enjoy the full-on imaginative experience. The first step to achieving what you want is to know what you want with as much precision and clarity as possible. Let’s do this! 

Tell Yourself it is Possible: Can you imagine what would have happened if incredible poets and writers like Maya Angelou, Lucille Clifton, Gwendolyn Brooks, James Baldwin or, Langston Hughs didn’t believe in their talent and wisdom and kept their writings and ideas to themselves? Or if Jimi Hendrix didn’t do everything he could to get ahold of a guitar? Don’t overwhelm yourself by comparing yourself to the greats, but don't underestimate your talent and unique wisdom either. Could it be that you’re more special and skilled than you give yourself credit for? 

Get Ready: Take a deep breath and get ready for the ride. Now is the time to start taking action, to start organizing and making all the essential moves towards your dreams. Start off slow, be realistic when it comes to your schedule and resources and don’t be afraid to fight for your dreams. There will be tests to your will and determination along the way but look at these moments head-on, as platforms that will throttle you forward as soon as you overcome the threatening challenge. Take pleasure in your achievements so far, but never lose sight of those dreams!

Don’t Give Up: No matter what life throws at you at this point on your journey, don’t give up, you got this. Maybe you’ll have to shed some unsupportive energy or people from your surroundings during your most difficult times, but do not give up. Imagine if Dr Locs owner, Chimere Faulk, gave up every time something challenging came her way! She wouldn’t be where she is today if it weren’t for some of those challenges, and she certainly wouldn’t have the most awesome Locs product line out there if she had given up! 

Enjoy Every Part of the Ride: Think of all the good you’re doing for yourself, your family and your community by working towards your very own dreams. You can become a figure of inspiration for those around you. You can help others along the way, who are just starting off on the journey towards their dreams, through your success story brimming with highs and lows. Some of the most challenging moments will be the moments you’re most grateful for in hindsight or the moments that give you the best laugh down the line. This story is no longer about shooting for your dreams but is the major turning point in your life narrative. This is big stuff! 

Dream Achieving Takeaway

Only you can provide for you the life you want. Clear away all the noise and distraction and write out your dreams for a more fulfilling and gratifying life. They can be materialistic, spiritual, work-related, romantic, or relationship-centered, those details are up to you. Know what you want and then set yourself up for achieving those dreams! Don’t be discouraged when large or small challenges come your way, you got this, don’t let anyone take this away from you! 

Share your success story, your dreams, or the challenges you are experiencing along your journey with us here! Maybe you will inspire others to achieve their lifelong dreams! 

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