Myths and Misconceptions of Growing Long Locs

Myths and Misconceptions of Growing Long Locs

We’ve heard a whole lot of rumors flying around about how to grow long locs, and while some of those tricks are impressively creative, there are other tricks that are straight up myths. 

If you’re eager to grow your locs long and have taken the time to research online the best ways to stimulate growth, be careful. What you read may not be the facts but those misleading myths and misconceptions! Let’s have a closer look, shall we?

Myth #1: It’s impossible to grow out long locs naturally

Seriously though? We’ve seen countless individuals growing out their long locs year after year and going strong. Yes, there are people who opt for loc extensions because they're either frustrated with the time it takes to grow out their locs, or because they had to start from the early phases and just couldn't wait to rock those lovely long locs. When you maintain your locs with natural products, ensure they are moisturized, and keep your locs in protective styles, we promise you they will grow!

Myth #2: Locs actually make your hair shrink!

Well, the answer to this one is a yes and a no, but wait! Before you go, hear us out. Yes, in the early stages your locs and length appear to be shrinking, but, no, in actuality they definitely are not shrinking. Let us repeat that, your locs are not shrinking. What’s happening to all that length is that it's needed for grooming to keep your locs looking ‘homogenous’ and well maintained during your bi-monthly twisting routine. 

Myth #3: Take a pill or supplement to grow hair faster

There are many drugs and supplements out there that promise to promote hair growth and frankly, we find most of them pretty frightening. Many of them are not clinically proven and have countless side effects. If you really want to take something to promote hair growth, how about feeding yourself healthy food and clean water to promote healthy blood flow through your entire body? Before resorting to that quick fix, how about transforming your life for the better? Eating healthy greens, fruits, nuts and veggies, reducing stress, and maybe even adding an exercise routine that’s right for you. This way, you’ll not only see healthy new growth in your hair, but in your mind and life too. We don’t mean to sound preachy or anything, but we do strongly believe in self-empowerment and that one’s lifestyle directly affects their locs. 


With patience and the right hair care routine and lifestyle your locs will grow long and healthy. Hair only grows about 4-6 inches a year, and that’s just an estimate, some people experience faster growth while others experience slower growth, either way you’re good. Flow with the rhythm of your locs and enjoy each phase as they grow. Unfortunately, we have this condition where we want what we don't have, but that just means there’s someone out there who admires your hair length too! 

Let us know your experiences with growing long locs and what you’ve found to be the most helpful.

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